Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Treasure Cards - FOR SALE!

Hey everyone, time for that contest! :-P. And Happy Spirit Day! Let's end that LGBT bullying and wear Purple :) Let's see what I have -

1st Prize - 2 Scarecrows, 2 Hydras, 2 Satyrs ( Gold total: 7100 )

2nd Prize - 5 Ninja Pigs, 15 Black Cats ( Gold total: 4500 )

3rd Prize - 3 Heckhounds, 4 Mutates, 1 Fire Elemental, 1 Choke ( Gold total: 2500 )

4th Prize - 2 Ice Wyvern, 1 Tempest, 1 Kraken, 1 Dryad ( Gold total: 1800 )

5th Prize - 2 Dryads, 1 Skeletal Pirate ( Gold total: 1750 )

6th Prize - 1 Hydra, 1 Dryad, 1 Reshuffle, 2 Sandstorms ( Gold total: 1510 )

If over 6 people enter, I will give them a little something else ;).
Enter by commenting on THIS post, or e-mailing me -
Contest ends on Oct. 30th. Good luck!
One last thing to share - does this look like Pajamas to you?

*shrug*. Grandmaster numero cinq! Happy Farming!


  1. I'll enter too

    And yes, a little.

  2. I hope I get something good and your blog is awesome! I guess two heads is better than one!
    Kyle Firesword
    Lvl 50 Pryomancer

  3. Thanks! I forgot to add that a requirement to recieve your cards is you have to add Arlen to your friend's list, if that's not too much of a bother ;)

  4. You know, if he didn't look so tired (in the face) they might not look like pajamas, lol.

  5. Woot Arlen Grand Master, must of missed it I have been quite busy with Life and such lately xD Enter me up!

  6. Enter me too, bud! :D

  7. For some reason these cards look familiar. You know why. AND you have to friend Arlen, yes very familiar. lol. Enter me!

    The Gobblitertor
    -Jacob Thundersword

  8. I will enter!
    I am not friends with you but if I win we can work it out just DM me or email me.
    Here is my twitter: @ChristoSky

    Christo Skywalker


Have a splendiferous day! :)