Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celestian Chaos!

SO! Celestia is finally here! I was just on this morning, and all I can say is, well, chaos basically. I didn't take many pictures for the spoiling for some of you, but I HAD to get some at the Grotto.

A morphing Gobbler spell, way too complex for me so far.
Think that's a fellow wizard casting Dragon? Wrong-O! I ran into a Fire boss called Ulwark or something, and his minions even have the spells Stun and Icezilla! Those wizards were getting PWNED big time.
Lastly, we have Dagroloth, the Celestian Bigfoot. What kind of manner is that creature? Beats me, he's got 5230 health, and cheats. YES! He drops the BEST new rings for Celestia too, I got a "Claw of the Law" which is LVL 58+ only for Balance, gives 18% power pips and more health and mana then Gurtok's. I ran into Kevin Battleblood too - - and friends Fallon Deathslinger, Kestrel Shadowthistle, etc. He somehow had figured out Dagroloth, who spams Tower shields when you use blades, heals, plays Doom and Gloom, Wraith, heck - try it out yourself, I didn't understand it. ( Kev's a genius, all I can say ) I also did some of the Celestian Base Camp, there's a guy who sells a Feint amulet there! :D. The music is AWESOME of course, with little carousel bits ;D. I'll give more info when it comes out Live, since I don't want to spoil it for many of you... and Halloween is out too! Planning to do that tomorrow, the towers and stuff :D, Halloween is awesome, and you can tell Celestia is AWESOME-AWESOME when Halloween only gets a small note. Later, I'll be dabbing in the new schools and figuring out all this polymorphing stuff - SO COMPLICATED! Try it yourself! Happy Farming :D

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