Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gift Card/Halloween!

As soon as I finish this post, I will update the blog for approximately 2 weeks with a Halloween/Fall theme, just so you guys know :). 11 days left! And it's gettin' chilly indeed, I love the weather this time of year ( especially when it's cloudy too :D ). And there's a new poll up there if you can see - Whom do you prefer farming around Halloween, Lord Nightshade or Mordecai? ( Shade's easier, and drops more stuff so you know who I voted for ). And, I bought a Gift Card 2 days ago ( Storm Demon one from Gamestop - $20 ) - You can imagine my dissapointment when it didn't work when I got home :/. "What are you getting at Arlen?" Well, it turned out they were having computer problems and it worked today, I am now 10,000 crowns richer! First, I stitched my winning look on...

And blew over half of it getting my TP's back from that Pelican ( a.k.a Mr. Lincoln ) Why, you ask? I really didn't need the Storm School, and I had trained ALL of Life while I just need that up to Satyr, so now I've got a bunch of little Points in my backpack waiting for the Astral schools ;). I still can't really decide which school NOT to train in, I think I may blow off the Star school, idk. Paige Moonshade made an awesome guide to the last instance - Test of Spheres - which is getting me all the more stoked ;). Look at the background setting to those 3 boss fights - wicked! Then, I got on Mycin and gave the Demon pet to him and looking for a hatching partner. Good new, Bad news time:

The bad. What a measly card xD

But the good outweighs it by far! Burninateh! Whoops, I forgot to change the name, you'll see it as "Lord" something soon :-P. I was sad when I saw "Malestrom egg" pop up after hatching, as that's the Stormzilla egg, but this, yea *cricket chirp*
Alright, last 2 things ---
1. Check out this raffle - http://thedivinerslane.blogspot.com/
2. How'd you like the FanFic? ;)
3. ( sorry ) Tarlac's going into the Crystal Grove right now. Expect, no wait, you WILL see another GM next post. Happy Farming!

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  1. Woot on almost getting your next GM! Lol, managed to get my Myth to GM a couple of days ago. I have yet to post about it. I'll get around to it, health issues have prevented me from being on the computer much today, or I would have it done. Expect it soon! Along with about 3 new successful hybrid hatchings! :D

    Love that Burninator!


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