Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia - Pinnacles and more

I couldn't resist, here's another post of tips and The Pinnacles! First, a lesson in 'Criticals' from Diego

Neat, neat, and I got a free hat...

Gives me the 3% Critical, although it's not really worth wearing ;). Now, just some screenshots from the Promenade

My prefered deck construction for Myth! It's a quick 4-round fight, and you should cast an extra Time of Legend if the enemy has 1000+ health. And don't feel like a 'Noob' if you die, it takes time to learn new strategies against tougher opponents!

Floating shining heads! Gotta love that :)

Those Copper-people are harmless, they just walk the tunnels and such.

This is where I am now, gotta beat some Clawcutters in the other end of the Survey Camp ( pics next post ), and then Optio Agenor, Balance boss. And let's not forget side-quests after that! ( If you're curious, 2 dogs give side quests by those glowing heads ). The other part where you have to beat those Pincers is annoying, as the sealants are a tough drop :/ - Rescue some dogs, get some sealants and fix water leaks, meh. -

The Pincers use a Magma-Man spell sometimes, so here's the stats for you on that spell - - - 50 + 600 Damage over 3 rounds, 5 pips - - -. What else... Oh, I accidently marked my spot in Crab Alley a few days ago, and so today I saw that, so why not try and see if it works? It did! I invited a few friends, and it turns out a few other wizards had the same idea and were already down there O_O. If you don't mark your spot there, or teleport to a friend in Crab Alley, there's no other way to get down. I'm just hoping people don't make a ripping-off business out of that, saying stuff like "CARDS FOR A TRIP TO CRAB ALLEY!" etc. and then stealing peoples cards D:. Hope not! Well, Happy Adventuring! ( which will be my new endline till I finish CL ;D )

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