Monday, October 4, 2010

More, and MORE Birthdays!

First it was Amber's, now we have, not 1, not 2, but THREE birthdays yesterday. One of them was arranged into a party for Cassandra Griffindreamer - Also, late Happy Birthday wishes to John Spiritshade ( Ambrose2Zeke ) and Valdus Soulpyre ( Diary of a Wizard's husband ).

Speaking of which, the long-awaited Death Study Hall for Ravenwood Radio is tomorrow...who will be the stars of the show? Anyways, after doing the Obsidian-Chest quest in the Labyrinth for Tarlac ( and getting myself Vladimir's awesome Meat-Cleaver :D ) it was time for Cassandra's party and costume/treasure contest. Guess who won?

ME! *ahem* Anyway, I got some more sweet new cards to give to you all with my own raffle soon, I promise - and nothing required. Look at the Wizard101 icon who joined the party - better than Selena Gomez in my book. ( far left )

I made so many new friends at the party too! I kinda feel famous :-P.

Just look how bloggers are on that list. Including the "grandfather" of blogging, lol.

So, we went to her little Balance abode

Me and The Active Necro fought for candy, while the Smart Allec-wizard showed off her "dead-man-on-a-stick"

After many JollyRanchers, KitKats, Turkey legs and Punch later...
We got a glimpse of the upcoming Celestia.

And went to Friendly's dungeon, looking for the haunted cake.

Cass made us line up for pictures, where a rogue candle took my spot. Notice the Mr. Bill :O face
xD - He's a Saturday Night Live icon, always getting cut up by "Mr. Sluggo"
Anyway...Happy Birthday Cassandra!
Look for Arlen's Adventures Part 4 tomorrow ( and Tarlac's LVL 49! ) Happy Farming!


  1. I am so jealous of you. All of those blogging friends.

  2. lol, you'll get there one day, Sir Thundersword :)

  3. Ohhh I just noticed I was on the list you were showing!!!! Happiness lol


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