Friday, October 15, 2010

Random rants

Hey people, right now wizards on Twitter are starting a sudden Civil-War, at least that's what it seems, and I'm pretty sad for several reasons: 1. Several awesome bloggers saying they are quitting! That's going too far! 2. I bought a $20 gift card today, and it won't redeem! 3. I'm watching a very sad 20/20 on the torture of bullying right now, I could just cry.

1. Amber, Jessica. PLEASE Don't quit. I think Amber's gone forever right now, and she's awesome like every blogger, ;(. It all started when we found out that some bloggers got the new Massive Fantasy Place and stuff, and many of us ( including me lol ) don't like that not ALL bloggers are getting this thing, it's like KI's giving "Special" treatment to the biggies. I included that in an e-mail to KI about my gift-card, but it's getting out of hand. After some bickering and ranting on Twitter, Jessica and Amber COMPLETELY drop the bomb on everything...( - )... and basically quit. Amber and Jessica, if you're reading this, don't quit! It's just a house! Please... I sort of started this I must admit, but this like war LOL! Tempers have flared for ages - and if you pardon the expression - All hell just broke loose. So, yea, what can I say?

2. My gift-card I bought with needed crowns won't work, that's enough to say :-P

3. They just had a bullying thing on the show 20/20. So SAD! That's all I can say, gays and others have been "bullied to death" and many schools/students just turn the other cheek and make fun of it, I feel like strangling them xD. It's like those church people who carry signs at churches funerals for soldiers saying "GOD HATES ____" ( Gay term ) and think God took it out on the soldiers. "GOD HATES AMERICA" and all that is being held up, and these people make their CHILDREN hold up these signs sometimes. IT'S RIDICULOUS! They are church people! "God loves all people" is clearly in the bible, and they believe in God if they attend a church, right???

Ok, I had to get that out. Let's just solve the #1 problem peacefully guys. And Amber won TWO raffles today, so I'd personally be happy xD. I'll update you guys on what happens, and hopefully this "war" is fixed soon. And Jessica just announced she isn't going to quit, phew. Happy Farming...

*expells anger in pillow*


  1. Oh! So that's what happened? Personally, I take your side. I hope this doesn't anger anyone, but I mean, why should *not going to point out names* get a super awesome house, and the other bloggers *like me for instance* who only have about 13 followers not get it? I totally see where you are coming from there. Sorry to hear about everything :( I must say though, I wish I was there to hear the entire story; man, you miss everything when you go out to a Japanese restaurant for 4 hours -_-

  2. Myself and my co-blogger also were a bit upset about the fact that certain bloggers/people received the card, when not everyone else did. But, it's not something we were going to quit over. Yes, it's favoritism, however, I know why KI did what they did. It's good business, in the sense the ones that did receive the card, have a large following, and people take in to account what the blogger has to say. If the blogger says it's awesome, people are going to want to get it too. I however, think they made a big mistake when allowing said bloggers to announce they received the card a) before the card is out in stores and b) for free from KI. KI should have made them agree to not disclose the information that it was given to them. That simple fact is going to anger and upset people. I don't have many followers on my blog, and until I do, KI won't take notice of me. Simple. I'm not really making any money for them, where as said bloggers are making money for KI in the long run.


Have a splendiferous day! :)