Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celestia - Stormriven

Warning: Many pictures, again

The 1st sight of the Stellarium looks neat!

Alien people on the map? :D

Looks like a work-zone being flooded...

The Celestian Sewer System

The alien people! On a... disco floor!

The Powerhouse

They only played Balance spells, pretty easy...

Shadow Weavers and Morgantine soldiers at war!

Sweet dome, with sharks

More soldiers in a cool place!

SHADOWEAVER! Don't trust him. He's like Estrakir >_<

Yes sir, I did.

Told ya. But thankfully, he doesn't really cheat and has no minion :). I'm hoping he drops a LVL 55+ wand to farm for later...

I have to dive into a Waterspout?!?

Looks like an Octopus or Leviathan lives here...

Sweet statue!

Those things are Myth, but I found a couple other fellows on the same quest.


Mysterious lights...

Glowing Undersea Mushrooms...

On a very important side quest ;)

I have to beat him for a wand! :D

Sweetness! So close to leveling at this point too

Tempus Stormfist, last boss here in an undersea colloseum. There's a giant squid behind him, btw. O_O


One of the best books ever...

Posing w/Lord Gigi, the Jellyfish you get from getting to the Lunarium, and my awesome Staff of Legends! I also got a Treant Polymorph spell from the secret trainer in Stormriven ( find him yourself, teehee ) - Best Healing guy ever. Happy Adventuring!

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  1. The Shadow weavers are the elite in the morgantine army, and the soldiers being, well, normal ranking soldiers.


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