Friday, October 22, 2010

Test Realm changes, and other stuff

This is slightly old news, but I have other minor things to talk about, and I need a post... etc. :-P

1. Thanks to Wolf Redfist for making this Banner! It will be the blog title when Halloween is done :D
( make that a little bigger )
2. I've been farming Nightshade. A LOT. I've got some 'Cool', 'Happy' masks, and a good Crowns Robe several times for alts... no Black Cat yet.
3. I aced 2 tests yesterday, and it's Friday. Happy times ;)
4. I have to take care of an EGG for Health class, including getting up in the middle of the night twice to lull it back to sleep o_O. It's an egg xD.
5. I named my Burninator 'Lord George', as that was the 1st option that came onto the screen - Not the worst name :-P. Also, Tarlac's Satyr in the Test Realm got Spritely! Gotta train that soon :). And, I just remembered he had enough TP's for Feint, which really helps
Now, on to the little Test Realm businness. First, Wild Bolt has been changed O:. If you've been hiding under a rock ( I must admit I hate that saying ) you'll be surprised to hear that Wild Bolt is like this:
Before: 1000 Damage, 10% accuracy.
After: 1, 10, 100, or 1000 Damage, 70% accuracy.
Mycin does NOT like the change, as many other Storm wizards do - chances are they will change it back ( I hope! ) Sure, the 1000 Damage has better accuracy ( 17.5% ) but 3/4 of the time it does a lot less than Lightning Bats, the Storm 2 Rank spell, total FAIL.
- The wands are now 1 pip instead of 2 at LVL 55 :/. Not cool, and minions still get the 2 extra, it seems. Hoping they'll change that!
- Biggy here, those 2 Sun spells ( forgot names ) that lessen your spell by 1/2 pips have been totally removed. Greyrose says they're looking for a replacement, but it seems I won't be training in Sun.
- I think that's it. I'm pretty sure they'll take back some of that :-P.
That's basically it, let me just say I'm gonna get very little sleep watching the ALCS tonight and pretend-feeding my baby in the wee hours :/. Go Giants and Rangers ~ Happy Farming!

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  1. The least they could have done was make the lowest card hit 250, being as our 2 pip spell hits roughly that at it's lowest. If they don't change it, then it's really not fair. Seeing as though Judgment can hit 200 with just two pips, and we're supposed to be the most powerful school hit wise.


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