Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy... yea.

Hi Thurston and Cuthalla! ( aka Dagroloth ) - The Celestian Wallpaper was just released, so there it is in full. Where's the aliens or Shadoweavers though? Guess they didn't have room... but they could of taken out a Crab... oh well :-P. So, Happy Halloween, of course! I won't be trick-or-treating *gasp, I feel so mature* as I don't really need the candy, and other things :/. Get lots of treats, young wizards! And I hope you get this stuck in your head...

That was the music at a Cake Walk for a Carnival I went to today. And I did go on the Moon-bounce, very mature of me ;). I gave my little Pinata candy to the little kids too, yea. And I just got a good 56+ Hat for Tarlac and the Fire Wand, woot! Thank you Thunderfin and Marcio ( several of the few bosses in this certain place in Stormriven - pictures later - They all cheat in some way... Procyon, Cuthalla, Thunderfin, Marcio and someone else... ). I will now do the Lunarium, but no post till Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm going to Grandma's again :D. Happy Halloween and Adventuring!

P.S. Contest winners announced when I get back

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  1. Congrats on the drops, and happy Halloween to you too!


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