Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 5

...Arlen made his way to Unicorn Way. "Halt, None shall pass!" *timidly* "I, um, have this letter from..." "Alright, go in. Be careful though!" Arlen walked along the cobblestone road, and ran into a Guard. "*ahem* My apologies, wizard. You'd better be careful here, I've seen people like you go further down, and never come back!" "Ambrose sent me here...do you know what I'm supposed to do?" "Hmm, well you could help my friend Private O'Ryan, he's been stuck in his house - Skeletal Pirates!" Walking swiftly, Arlen tiptoed into the Privates house. "Ah, company! Surprised those Pirates didn't get you. Could you drive some out?" "But, but, I don't..." "I've heard about you! Stopping Malistaire's Henchman! Some Pirates shouldn't be too hard, eh?" Arlen walked out, rather dissapointed, he still was really a Novice. More easily than he thought though, the Pirates were gone - fleeing for their lives! Soon, Arlen met another young wizard dressed all over in Green, speaking with a voice similar to those on Earth - "Hey! Professor Wu sent me. Reports about corrupted Fairies. Could you help by going down the street and investigating? I've heard about you beating Malistaire's Henchman!" Arlen suddenly felt happy, yet pressured that he seemed to be famous. Would the Fairies retreat like the Pirates? Going down, farther and farther from safety, the Fairies seemed to be a nice little bunch. There was an angel standing in the middle of a little hedge-garden too, maybe she would know more. "Why hullo! Have you been sent to help out these corrupted Fairies of mine? My name's Lady Oriel" she said, with a never-ending smile on her face. "I...yes...a fellow sent me here." "Ceren? One of Wu's best students?" Now, what the heck is she talking about? wondered Arlen. "I think." "My Fairies - the ones not corrupted, yet, have reports of a Skeleton lurking...and not just a lowly Pirate!" "I'll do what I can, I guess." "Arlen, come to my office, it's time to meet your teachers!" "Wha? How'd you appear in that bubble, sir? Is there some kind of Skype device here?" "Skype?" "Never mind. I'll come" "Alright! Just teleport to Ravenwood" "Teleport?" "Why yes, there's a little button on your satchel there..." *SWISH* "Whoaaa... What IS that enormous tree?" "Bartleby! I see you still have much to learn." - Coming up: Arlen meets...Cyrus Drake.

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