Monday, August 30, 2010

HBSB, #twizards party and more...

Hey wizards, took a small 2 day posting break there, not enough time. But anyways, the Haunted-Back-To-School-Bash ( HBSB ) was a huge turnout:

This was when it chimed 7:00, it was even this crowded before the actual time to start. Nightside reached 2 areas, which is quite an achievement for the place for some reason, the RR afterparties can never quite make it that big. The one and only TFN also finally showed up, and dressed up as Santa and a Skeletal Pirate :-P. Everyone promised showed up and all, it WAS a bash! I had to leave at 8, and it wasn't any less crowded still. Also, on Twitter me, the Awesome "Saucerer", Fallon Deathslinger and Kestrel Shadowthistle are planning a #twizards ( which means wizards on twitter, a popular hashtag ) party :). ( Speaking of hashtags, Merry Christmas was on Twitter's TT list, and there are 115 days left O_O ) It will hopefully be at my MB house, Kestrel's Life and the Saucerer's house, moving to each at times in the party. A date is kinda set, the 10th or 11th of September, so soon! Blaze ( the Saucerer ) is working on a poster and set-up and were all planning a little, like Abigail Doolittle and the Policeman's Ball thing you could say ;). Hoping to friend TFN once and for all, lol, and meet a ton of other #twizards/bloggers. More info

coming soon! And today was the 1st day of school, I'll put it into a little Fan-Fic mode for you here: ( Arlen's Adventures part 2 is coming out tomorrow, btw )

~ Young Arlen went to bed early, about 8:30. He opened his Peanuts book, and read a little bit, and found himself humming Christmas carols ( which I always do the day before the 1st day, don't ask me why... ) he soon burst into full tune of "Winter Wonderland" and tried to find a good position to sleep in. "Rats" he said to himself - "Might as well keep humming." He was fast asleep dreaming of sugarplums at around 10 o'clock. He found himself waking up in the middle of the night, and walked over to the clock. "5 AM? Might as well get up." To wake himself up, he played FIFA '10 on Wii, and then went to have some Cheerios. Reading a little more Peanuts, his parents awoke and he got ready with plenty of time to spare for the bus. Walking out the door into the brisk morning air later, he made his way to the busstop where he soon boarded. At the last stop, w/3 people crammed in his seat, he was lucky to have any breathing room and the bus smelling of that old Middle School odor, he was relieved when everyone got off. Hustling and bustling ensued and he made his way to Study Hall. Soon learning his locker combo, the locker mischeviously placed far from any of his classes, he soon went to 1st Period and to French. The class was almost identical to last years in students, and French is always entertaining, so he knew it would be yet another good year of good times in French, just a different teacher. Not a long class, it was soon time for Health and he went to the humid/stuff gym. Waiting in line for yet another Locker combo, it was hard to bear the stuffiness of the old place. Soon mastering another locker mischeviously placed very high up where he could hardly reach, he went to 3nd period. One of his favorite teachers had been put on his schedule, and he ( the teacher ) droned on about how American History would work this year... 4th period, was English, where Arlen filled out a Info sheet and everyone shared their summer experiences. 5th period was Science were a classroom scavenger hunt ensued, then the long awaited happiness of Lunch! Making his way outside to eat, Arlen sat under the shade eating Kit-Kats and sandwiches, taking away his hunger. 6th Period was some fancy named Art class, where a smart-allec teacher went over the rules, and used good Italian humor to make the students laugh. 7th was the ultimate challenge - Pre-Algebra. The teacher was a pretty stern young woman, and gave a lot of "Be on time or you get detention" rules. She even didn't like them looking at the clock, which Arlen so liked to gaze at to count down to the bell. School then ended, and with a mess of papers for parents to sign, Arlen headed home on the very crowded bus, surviving his first day ~

phew, that took me a while to write, hope it's enjoying, although I must admit it is a little boring... :-P. Oh, and I almost forgot...

This was a few days ago in one of my many Big Ben solos, I finally got something! :D. I love rat pets, yet I never seem to get them ;). I've farmed Big Ben and MB furniture so much I nearly have "Meow Master" on Mycin, one of my favorites. ( Stormforged Kitties needs that more than me... ) Kieran and Kestrel have rat magicians with REALLY long names, like Sir Bosco Mcsnuffles etc. etc. IV. So I name mine: King Bo Scratch Joe Mcsneezy his royal highness of sewage the VI. LOL. Happy Farming!

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great party! Just to let you know I am dabbling in the myth and it rocks!!! Just wanted to show my supported to the myth school! (level 30 wizard)


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