Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some links

We as a blogging community have had many posts that have made the Ravenwood Bulletin, and/or are just a big rant that has a lot of meaning anyways. So, just to pass the time, here are some links to these rants about safety/profanity/school and other subjects... This one is about the way some rude wizards get past the filters, and it was a really good post considering I hear this all the time at my school IRL, people swearing w/out thinking, and you may just be swearing at a little kid in-game: From Heather Raven. Here's one from Mythspent Youth, who's dedicating this week to kids going back to ( you-know-what ) and has little to do w/W101, except the "Griffin Homeworktamer" parody, but it's still a good read even though many out there don't like the subject ( including me :-P ). Next we have a couple of Dittowizard's feelings and safety tips: and The first, and latest post, is how you can still hurt others feelings via chatting online. Ditto explains this from his narrator's view with her hecklers on the Ravenwood Radio chatroom last night, hey she's a great narrator guys, if you don't like it, don't listen. The other one was "better" in a lot of peoples opinions with his action-packed narrating, but this one is just, if not more funny. Then we have his "Safety first" about his experience with a "fan" who wanted to give him crowns, but wanted to know Ditto's real-life information so he could "get the crowns to him." Guys, never believe that, and if that "fan" was sincere, you don't want to take any chances. DO NOT tell any stranger in the game, "fan" or no fan, your real identity and stuff. We also have another one Heather's posts, no big rant here though, just some tips for bloggers. And there are so many posts by so many bloggers everyday on Wizard101, you can look for more on Friendly's blog list, which is on the side in the middle of his page. We have more great uncountable bloggers whom I read a lot of posts from, so just take the time to read others posts everyday, you may just find a rant that you agree with. Happy Farming!

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