Friday, August 20, 2010

Wayfinder - Less time consuming guide

The Wayfinder "scheme" has been exploding around Twitter today, so I'd like to share with you guys my less time-consuming guide. No more #covenfarmersanonymous, now it's #wayfinderschemersanonymous!
Have a Wayfinder helmet and have enough gold to dye it Black/Black ( if your a boy ) it's 5,366 gold for that, remember? Anyways, after getting one, mark your spot in the Bazaar
IF you have another account, put one of the characters in the Dye shop and just let them stand still. IF you have 3 accounts, put one in the Bazaar too so you don't have to mark your spot a lot, it's a big advantage. When they get disconnected due to inactivity, just press "Play" and they will be back. Or, just move them an inch ever 5 minutes or so, whatever you want. Anyways, port to your other account's character and dye the hat...
If you have only 1 account, teleport to the Commons instead and grab any Mana that is on your way to the Dye shop since you used some marking your spot in the Bazaar. After dyeing, teleport back to the Bazaar and do the selling. If you have 2 accounts ( me ), you also should have a marked spot in the Bazaar. Teleport to your other account's character when you have to dye and teleport back to the Bazaar for selling after. When you run out of mana, take a quick run around Olde Town and get the wisps, and try to be on an empty realm so you have more to get. If you have 3 accounts, it's the best since you put 1 player in the Dye shop, 1 in the Bazaar, and you just port to them, no spot marking needed.
When the catalog for the Bazaar comes up, click on Amulets really quick before the catalog starts loading. See, the amulets have the least items so they take the least time to load. Now, click on the "Usable" button, which is also a faster-loading time strategy.
Now sell your helmet. ( I didn't have a spare one on me atm, so I used the one I wear, don't worry, I didn't sell it ) If it says sell for 17 thousand something gold, sell it right away. HOWEVER, if it says anything less like 10 thousand something, don't sell it. Check the hat catalog for the helmet to see if it's in stock. If it's not, it's a small Text bug, and you can sell it for the 17 thousand margin.
Now click "Buy" and click on the hats quickly. See the small "LVL" letters in the catalog? Click on that twice and the Wayfinder helmet should be on the top of the catalog now, so buy it
Be very quick, click on the 2 brown trims and "Buy" If it says this: "Your transaction was not successful" someone else has brought it before you. Remember to be quick! If this happens, just "spam" the "Buy" and "OK" buttons. To do this the fastest way, click on "OK" make sure your Chat box is on, and press "Buy" again and if the transaction is not successful ( probably still is ) Keep pressing the "Enter" key when the message comes up and click on Buy again... keep doing this until it lets you buy it. Now do all the steps over again, and this is the fastest way to "Wayfinder scheme!" You should get to MAX gold in, at maximum - no breaks, 2 hours of doing this. I'm going to do hatching over and over with this method, and buying a ton of snacks for the pets which are almost out already. ( Btw, Lord Sparky and Rex are almost Epic! ) Lastly, notice the clothing? That's going to be my stitched look, when I get crowns. For now, I'll wear them whenever I'm not battling ;). Loving the beret hat and robe, all the squiggly lines on 'em! :D. Happy Wayfinder scheming and Farming!

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