Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On a good note...

I got a couple hard-to-get-pets lately after losing against Estrakir.

That took a whole day to get

That took around 2 days to get, lol. They were recieved in the same 1/2 half hour :]. So, I GUARANTEE I will beat Estrakir tomorrow. That's right: GUARANTEE. I feel like the Jets 40 years ago :-P ( they were heavy underdogs but the QB GUARANTEED a win, and they did ).
It's still pretty frustrating, but what the heck, I guaranteed a victory and I will bring that through. Now, expect a Celebration post tomorrow. Oh, and just a reminder, Ravenwood Radio #22 is on tomorrow night at 8:3o PMEST as usual, should be just as awesome. Till Estrakir's luck runs out... Happy Farming!

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