Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Celestian-based Interview

Yes, the great Friendly has posted this so not many will read this, but I will reveal a few more "snippets" The link to the article is: It says it will be released late summer/EARLY FALL. So now they say it could come out in the Fall... rats. But Fred Howard says Celestia will be the biggest world, and there will be new pets and talents! "There will be new pet content. There will be new pets that are being released as a part of this, there will also be new talents we’re going to release as a part of this. Part of the pet system is the new talents that manifest and we have new talents that are being released as part of the expansion." Yay! This adds further speculation to the... Shark pet??? I just can't imagine that hanging by my side... And then, at the end of it he refers that many refer to DS as being very cool, while others think of it as dark and somber ( including me a bit, I just don't cheer up when I see that blood-red sky, you know? ) But gladly, “With Celestia, I think people will find areas that are visually gorgeous, but that also get back to the more whimsical themes that we saw in earlier worlds.” :D! Also, there will be a few new worlds after Celestia, as it's the beginning of a new story arc. Here's some more: "The Celestia expansion will be the largest release since the launch of the game and will actually be the largest world in-game." Woot! And for you newbies out there, when asked if there will be any kind of content for non-grandmasters, the simple answer is... "There will be." This isn't helping containing my excitement "SQUEE! SQUEE!" Oh, and let me just end with a thanks to Ben Fairydust - The Spirit Keeper, who posted his own Wayfinder guide/info and included my guide a couple days ago. I just remembered I think I coined the phrase "wayfinder scheme" when it first was heard of, for some reason, and now that's the word everyone is using, lol. This is the 99th post btw! Lastly, my signature line - Happy Farming! :)

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