Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Ben tips and RR Afterparty

First, I soloed Big Ben 3 times today ( no pets or furniture though :/ ) and I made a small guide on the floors, here it is ( all rest stops have health wisps )
1st floor: 2 O'Leary Connivers - Balance 675 Health
2nd floor: 1 O'Leary Conniver - 1 Street Sweeper - Myth 525
3rd floor: Rest stop - Travis Pawman and Jack Thistleberry
4th floor: 1 Filcher - Ice 675 - 1 Kettlehead - Balance 675
5th floor: 1 O'Leary Rowdy - Ice 675 - 1 Filcher
6th floor: 1 Kettlehead - Gearhead Boss - Storm 1000
7th floor: Rest stop and - 2 Brown recluses - Life 675 - 1 O'Leary Rowdy
8th floor: Puzzle: Dog, moon, bird, snowflake
9th floor: 1 Filcher - 1 Nightmare Spirit - Death 625
10th floor: 1 Nightmare Spirit - 1 Filcher
11th floor: 2 Nightmare Spirits - 1 Potbelly - Storm 575
12th floor: Rest area also w/mana ( Stray cat here )
13th floor: 1 Potbelly - 1 Shield Skeleton - Death 625
14th floor: Rest area and ( optional ) 2 Potbelly - Spike the Crusher boss - Fire 3500
15th floor: Meowiarty boss - Myth 2600 - Agony Wraith boss - Death 1600 - Mechanical Golem - Life 575 - Big Ben is great for furniture/gear/pets and reagents, almost every farm possible =D. Now for some deck construction pictures...

( for storm wizards only ) This is your Meowiarty fight deck, as I would recommend. I only lost 500 health in that fight :). If you don't have that Legend shield, put whatever you want in that space. For the Spike Crusher fight, you put in a Thermic shield instead of Legend, nothing else to change. Whenever your fighting Balance, Myth, or storm enemies in Big Ben, have a Storm prism. Why? For Balance, they play lots of Elemental shields. Myth, storm shields even though they will have resist, it's better ( except on Meowiarty ). Here your minion Big Ben deck for Balance, Myth's or Storms:

For other enemies, simply...

The goal for the minions is to play stormblade, then a 6 pip tempest ( includes power pips ) the stormtrap and feints and pixie is just in case. Got all that? Now I have a small guide on Scrap Iron-getting thanks to Samantha Daisyleaf:

Just enter either counterweight, and 1/2 the time there's a piece or 2 of Scrap Iron lying on the front floor, no battling required! Then just exit and do it over again :-P

This can also be a gold-getting opportunity, seeing as how 1/2 the time you enter it's like getting a Wooden chest amount of gold equivalent to the sell price. But of course, you'll likely use this for the reagent getting to buy crafted items. Once in a while, you might get this in a Scrap Iron...

That's quite a rare reagent, I hear! You can also get it via using some scrap iron and "mutating" it into a Spring, whatever you call it. If your computer is pretty fast, and you exit, you might catch a glimpse of the "ghost floor" ( the floors before the updates came out making the counterweights smaller ) I got one picture, but I must have been one second too late as it's a picture of the big "LOADING" page. lol, now to the RR afterparty last night :D.

The show wasn't even over yet when this picture was taken. O_O

Check out my new badge, and Stephen Spiritcaller in those pics :)

Here's when it began to wind down

Here's when a few of us went to Fairydust's new house. ( very buggy and awesome =D )
Do you see who's in that picture? Maybe with the last name... Lionblood? Friendly sighting! Fairydust had a great Ravenwood setting beneath that waterfall, and the restaurant was incredible. Also a small hedge maze, piggle pirates, etc. Then a small tour of my new MB house ( TFN's sacred footprints still cover the living room, xD ) and late-night, with the few remaining, we went to Fairydust's WC Mansion and raced across his rug-raceway. ( yes, a long rug city that made a circle around the place ) I went right at the "GO!" signal, unlike the others who started too slow, so I won most of the races. A very fun night, and I learned so much about Balance at the Study hall for Tavia and Tristan! Fallon S' husband Valdus and John Lifeglen had quite a long chat, I can still hear Valdus' deep southern accent, lol. And let's not forget a daily comic...
I feel like a World War I mood today :D. Oh, and another big thanks to Samantha for crafting a tea set and some gold place-settings for me! She did that, sold them to the Bazaar and I grabbed 'em. They were very cheap - about 5oo gold - in the bazaar. I really wanted those items, yet I'm not a Master Artisan. Happy Farming!


  1. Awesome, I had forgotten to take pictures during the After After Party. Glad someone remembered to take some.

  2. Lol I've known about the scrap-iron trick for a while. It's like my version of Wayfinder or Coven farming.


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