Saturday, December 11, 2010

GM Artisan

Just dropping by to say... I got 7500 gold! Well, that and the rank: Grandmaster Artisan :). Plus, by the next post I will be done with that big ol' Carousel. For now, I bought my Myth 55+ crafted Robe + Hat, which is definitely better than the 58+ drops IMO, it will take awhile to craft though, but is my next crafting project. Also, I've harvested a couple Dandelions for a teeny XP and gold so far, but they are almost Elder so expect me out of the Level 1 hole too by next post. Soon as the gear is crafted, I suppose I'll take a little break from crafting (it can be stressful xP) and level Mycin, garden on Arlen, farm for gold... you get the point. So, thats all that was needed to post, Happy Planting!
(P.S. Bye Amber Stargem, you will be missed but glad you are being happy with your life as it goes. Good luck! :))

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