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Myth guide: Deck Construction

As part of my duty to Diary of a Wizard (you have to make a guide to your school if your a Student teacher) I am gladly beginning my Myth guide! Even though I didn't even nominate or think of winning in the 1st place, thus maybe being granted an exception to the guide part maybe, I want to do it. I love teaching people new strategy! I think of myself as a Wizard101 coach sometimes, often grimacing when I see how big another wizards deck is, with near-useless cards you don't need in your deck which just make your fights longer. A mere month ago I was a big deck-setter, but not anymore (the quicker the fight, the better!) So, here comes Part 1 with more to come every day (hopefully :P). Enjoy and may it be of help to you!


Level 5 (1st boss, Rattlebones at that level) - Lvl 10

(2 Puppet Minions and 2 Pixies instead) Cast a Puppet first thing if possible, then Troll the enemy the Puppet is NOT hitting. If enemy is not dead, wait for pips and Troll it again.

Level 10 - 26

Use Puppet or Trap/Blade (if Trap, do it on the Boss). Next, do the same, cast the Puppet or use a Trap/Blade. If the minion is easy, and the Golem is after it then Troll the minion. After, Mythblade and pack a punch with Cyclops, plus try to have Mythtrap on the Boss too.

Level 26 - 33

Blade first. Next round, try to Mythtrap the Boss, if not, pass or use Sprite. 3rd, likely Froggy is ready to be used now, use Froggy to kill the minion, if you can't yet, then pass or use Sprite. 4th, if Froggy hasn't been used, use it; if you have, play MythBlade. 5th, MythBlade if you haven't, otherwise use Cyclops if you can, if not, pass or Sprite. 6th, use Cyclops if you haven't, if still not dead, kill with a wand spell or simply wait to cast another Frog or Cyclops minion. Pack ONE Cyclops minion in easy boss fights, 2 in hard ones.

Level 33 - ? (whenever you get to Dragonspyre)

(1 Cyclops minion in there too) Keep Satyr just in case. 1st, Mythblade. 2nd, Frog if you can, if not, pass or Sprite. If you did Frog and the minion isn't dead, wand it till it is or wait to Frog again. 3rd, Frog if you haven't (and follow previous note if minion isn't dead) or Mythblade. 4th, Mythblade if you haven't or otherwise shield* or pass. 5th, Cyclops minion if pips allow or Minotaur if pips allow as well; if neither, pass or otherwise shield*. Follow same rules as #5th the rest of the fight!
*shield IF the boss is a Spiritual school -Myth, Death or Life- if Boss isn't, keep shields out of your deck*

Level ? (Beginning DS) - 48

(As asterisked (*) in the previous strategy, from now on put shields in IF the Boss is a Spiritual school, if the Boss isn't, disregard when I say "Shield...")

Level 48 - 60

(4 orthrus in if you are under LVL 58) As said... *Disregard Medusa and Mythtraps if you are under 58. If you are under LVL 55 and don't have Treant, put several more Satyrs, Sprites and Pixies in. Also, forgot about the 2 Star school spells if you aren't the level to get them either, same with Gobbler if you are in between 48-50. Lastly, if you are in between 50 and 58 (don't have Gargantuan) use the next best Sun spell* First, cast MythBlade or a Shield, if over 58, you may also cast a Mythtrap on Boss. 2nd, use one of the Star School spells if you are over 56, if not, pass or Shield. 3rd, Medusa/Orthrus the minion and kill it. 4th, use another MythBlade or Shield. 5th, cast Elemental Blade or a Star school spell. 6th, heal if you need too, otherwise pass or Shield or cast your Amulet spell if you can. 7th, if you didn't heal, cast Orthrus or Medusa on Boss. If not dead, repeat steps, using blades, etc. and heal if necessary, and shielding at the right time if the Boss is Spiritual.

Level 1 - 10

Use Golem Minion right away. 2nd, if the Minion's spell doesnt kill or fizzles, pass. 3rd, either pass and maybe get health by wisps or Pixie. Mana is in low supply at these levels, though! So, Myth has an advantage, as they can defeat any minion in WC (except the toughies and Collosus Blvd. ) without using any Mana.
Level 10 - 26
(several MythBlades also) Strategy stated above. 1st, use Golem to slowly take out 1 of them while killing the one the Golem isn't targeting. IF the Minion has 300+ health, use MythBlade on Cyclops, if between 215-300, feel free to kill w/Cyclops w/no MythBlade. If below 215 health, MythBlade and Troll.
Level 26 - 50 ? (whenever you start Celestia)
(3 Frogs, just in case) Just like Bosses, use Shields IF minions are Spiritual. 1st, Mythblade. 2nd; Frog, Shield, or pass. 3rd; Mythblade if you have Frogged, if you haven't done Frog, then do it now. 4th; Use another Frog or Mythblade...(repeats into 5th)
Level 50 ? (CL start) - 60
Yep. So, put as many of the Sun enchantment you have on your Frogs, and in the same turn MythBlade. IF minions are Spritual, pack a couple shields. 2nd, use Frog with a Sun-enchantment. 3rd, if the minions have below 750 life left, use another Frog w/Sun-enchantment, if you can. If you can't because of pips or no Sun-enchantment in hand, pass, Shield, or MythBlade. If the minions have above 750 life, make sure to MythBlade before Frogging again. Simple enough? Sun-enchantment, Froggy, Mythblade.
All results are simulating you go with Myth and Life as your second school (to Satyr) so only Spiritual shields. I will explain what schools/spells you should train in the next Myth Guide post.

Hangin' with the crowd that came to Mythspent's short party last night. Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! (aka Happy Holidays! CAN'T WAIT NOW! :D)

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