Friday, December 17, 2010

Kraken? Squid?

After a few unlucky fails vs. Mercenaries and a defeat of Karolak Nightspinner, Mycin made it into Stormriven Hall last night! It didn't take too long to get to the end of that, so he is now at the Storm Lord's Temple.

More importantly, I just barely squeezed past the XP bar before Tempus Stormfist, earning the big Level 55! ... And that ugly crafted robe. Thank goodness for spending the rest of your crowns for a decent looking robe afterwards. Looks like a football player dressed the wrong way or something :P.

Kraken statues are scattered around this place, and the huge eye in that gap is a mystery. Every few minutes, a monstrous tentacle, leg, or tail comes out of the canyon thrashing about for a couple moments, above. KRAK-A-BOOM! So, in real life Krakens are an Atlantic Ocean myth, sightings are atribituted to the rare Giant Squid. In this game though, Krakens barely have a resemblance to Squid in looks, dont'cha think? And there are Suction Cup things under the tentacle/arm/tailm, probably ruling out a Leviathan. Just a neat pic to share :) (and check out Mycin's stitched robe. Much improvement.) I've gotten the Crane and Crab Lamp now from CL Furniture, but the Driller keeps eluding me in the Bazaar -_-. Lastly, I never realized FanFics could be so long as I just read TNM (The Necromasters Matter) so far as it is. Thats some really unbelievable writing by Destiny Seagem of the 'Duo of Death', who deserve more hits for that much effort. You don't see me making FanFics that take over an hour to read yet, do you? I've also heard there's a long FanFic of another blogger, Sierra Winterbreeze. I need to make time to read that too. And, if your a blogger who is thinking of shutting down a blog because you simply get no comments, don't. I haven't got a comment in 5 posts, yet I know you guys are out there reading :P (yes, you feel like your talking to yourself in this position, but I know I'm not) Anyways, jus' saying if you have a legitimate reason to shut down a blog (IRL matters for example, as Ze Myth Master and My2Cents just did in terms of Wizard101) then we'll all miss you, but if its just no comments, frustration, I can assure you we read your posts!

Possible snowstorm tomorrow/Sunday. Still not sure if the system is going east out into the ocean or barreling along the coastline. If Track B (the awesome kind! :P) wins, then you can bet there won't be school Monday and maybe Tuesday. *crosses fingers*
Happy Caroling/Planting!

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  1. Sierra Winterbreeze? You should definately read her stories if you haven't already! Seriously, they're AMAZING! Like the "put you in shock" kind of amazing.
    Not that I don't think Destiny's are good too. I agree; they're some of the best out there as well.


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