Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party + Lifebane

Last night, Icywiz let Stormy have a party for being student of the month IRL and Winter Break (gratz Stormy :))

Friendly's rare Pet Derby Nightwing, wow man! He dressed in a Bacon suit and ran in circles. Productive, huh? And look how many people came! The wizard mob went through the rooms dancing, walking, non-senselessly chatting. Great overall, even Steve Spiritcaller came at the end!

In other news, Mythspent Youth is hosting another little party at 8PM EST tonight ( - I'll learn to set the link in the name one of these days) so expect more fun and pictures!

Today, I farmed for furniture with a bit of success. Celestian Shield (Curuin Charmtooth) and CL Fern (Optio Agenor) and Alric sold me...





Marleybone Driller! Thanks again Ravensinger! I love it, and placed it next to a Jail Cell. Maybe I should craft a Broken Jail Cell instead, might look better :P, the Driller seems to be ready to dismantle it. Also, I made a Mannequin, gave him nice clothes... oh what the heck, here's a picture :)

Looks like an inspecter/worker looking at the Driller. Lots of tools around him (details, details... awesome ones). The problem with it is the Driller isn't moving forward to crush the Cell ;P

Lastly, I could swear a Sprite minion someone casted who came in with me to fight Agenor played Lifebane. Very rare. So, I went on Tarlac and investigated

WHA! I was right! Turns out, I went on Central to post this, but someone had found it out... 10 hours ago. Great timing, huh? But, it also turns out, quite a few knew it casted Lifebane somehow. *shrug* Anyways, Lifebane is an extremely rare treasure card too, you cannot train it. Kevin Battleblood got one from Youkai (Tree of Life) several months ago I remember. But I'm not going to go and farm for that ;P. Little discovery of the day for me, even though its not new. In Gardening, Deadly Flytraps propelled me to Rank 8 (Adept) and I can't wait till they're Elder. We're talking huge rewards that haven't been posted anywhere yet (at least I think. Can't wait till I find out what gives at Elder! Probably 3000 XP, getting me to Grandmaster :D). Kinda curious on what my Trumpet Vines will get too, have 4 growing now. I believe that is all, I'll be off to farm Arachtus Duskweb for that Survey Level and attend Mythspent's party later.

Happy Holidays!

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