Friday, December 10, 2010

Gardening crosses Furniture

The above images are drops from Aqua Bots in the Science Center and Oakheart in the Village of Sorrow. Now, as you may know, Aqua Bots drop the GM Artisan requirement regeants - Sandstone and Sunstone. See the Deadly Flytrap too? Thats a Rank 7+ Plant too :). For some info on plant drops, check this out:, but it doesn't list many yet, like the Maelstrom Snap Dragon and Deadly Ninja Fig I got from Oakheart (above right, as well as a 2nd Treant pet). Now, we go to a very recent discovery on Central: awesome, right? Here's the quick overview of what furniture plants like as we now know so far -
Desparagus = Broken Stump... Dandelion = Ball of Blue Yarn + Potted Cattail... Honey Sickle = Weapons Rack and Boom Shroom = Broken Stump.
So, I suggest buying those if you find them xD. This is definitely not all, I'm sure we will find more furniture likes in the future, too, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, Oakheart drops the Potted Cattail I think, so there's a good reason to farm Oakheart even more. In other news, I am just several Golden Pearls away from GM Artisan, and farming for plants on that end as well. Remember the Portico run for Pearls, etc? Oh, and one more thing... you also likely have heard that LVL 58+ items are now auctionable. Well, I suggest waiting till your item has 75 in stock so the price is lowest, then buy it. Dustin Mooncatcher of W101 Info thinks this will only be limited time, so hopefully we won't see a maintenance around soon if he's right. If you see a maintenance announcement, and your loaded with gold, I suggest just buying it no matter the price/stock to keep on the safe side. My hat is almost at 75 :). Anyways, I think thats it for now, so...
Happy Planting!

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