Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates on wizards (12/21)

I'm a Pork Chopper! Yum! Awesome drawing of my nightlight, its just my face that looks a little different... but its a great drawing, I can never draw a W101 avatar of any kind. Thumbs up to John Spiritshade, as well as Alric Ravensinger who can draw madly too. Speaking of which, I went in with the NightOwls team in Miklai's race (visit http://sorceressmiklai-hexspellsvextales.blogspot.com/ if you don't know what I mean) vs. Malistaire with Tarlac, and so I have a 3rd Savior of the Spiral - sweet!

Nice hit Alric -as Isaac-! In another wizards news, Mycin crushed the Cephalopods Avatar and the Lunarium and is just starting the Science Center!

I got some crazy XP in this short period of time, and am almost LVL 57 (do I see Leviathan on the horizon?). Mycin is in no hurry, and is questing with Blaze Stormthief, a humorous wizard who is very fun to chat with at night (a nightowl himself, I'd say, we did this past Midnight while I was waiting for the eclipse). Look for a "huge" blog post from him soon for further info on his travels and our recent questing :).

...Didn't you know there was a Lunar Eclipse last night?
...From 1:30-4 in the morning, lol. I saw the '08 eclipse, but wanted to refresh my memory so I found a spot by a window and my binoculars. If you've never seen a Lunar Eclipse, its a little underwhelming, just the full moon becomes a half-moon in a period of about 1/2-1 hour and then is reddish for an hour or so. Next time I'll sleep through it, I'm sure, but it was still cool ;). What I really want is a Solar Eclipse, which is due in 2017 (why doesn't the US ever get one???) so I'll need to buy some really type of special glasses to look at that when I'm an adult. Lastly, go pick up your Silent Nightcap in-game now, its out for everyone! Did a little holiday-shopping yesterday, and I'm certain my dad got the $40 epic giftcard, woot! I also got several books, one which I read in 2-3 hours straight (Diary of a Wimpy kid if you must know, hilarious) and the other I get on Christmas (huge Peanuts 60 anniversary book :D). Nearly 3 days till Christmas, so, Happy Holidays!

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