Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aprils Fools or WT?

Yea, my Fickle Pickles turned Elder! Woot. 2-3X the rewards of a normal harvest. But thats not exactly why I'm posting. (Hehe, they're shrugging me off. Don't want to go to Plant Heaven.)

(all credits go to Kelsey Fireheart for pic!)
Check the top right corner. Okay, so 8:15 AM CST, April 1 is when the countdown ends. Is it Wintertusk, Crab Alley's Future, a Briskbreeze-like tower (like the CL Prequests) or... an April Fools Joke?!?

I personally think its when Wintertusk will hit the Test Realm. Don't they put additions in the Spiral at the end/beginning of a month? (might be wrong..) But don't get your hopes up! Its the same day as April Fools, haha. 8:15 AM CST (or, Kingsisle time - KST) is often just after a maintenance has ended, so this is further proof that they put WT in the Test Realm then. If it IS April Fools, Kingsisle will have a LOT of angry e-mails and such to answer to. Friendly can do it, but Kingsisle, with a huge game... lol, don't think so. So, what'dya think? PLEASE don't be an April Fools Joke......

Happy, uh, Pondering!

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