Monday, March 7, 2011

Farming, Housing, The Usual

Hey Gang! 3 days without a post, and I've got some screenshots and such, so..

Mycin got to GM Gardener! :D *Trumpet Vines do congratulatory music*

Here's something I noticed. See the little insignificant stone pattern I'm standing on? This is how I think you summon the Indiana-Jones style rockfall in the Island Getaway. About every 15 seconds (?) when you stand on it, I notice it flash and the rock fall. AHHHH!

I got to see a sneak peak of Paige's sweet Emerald City house. (Hope you don't mind 1 picture, Paige!) Woke up early on Sunday, and seeing it with good friends on an early weekend morning is awesome. Very dreamy too, one room gave me a good dream feeling :).

So, there was a big -no, HUGE- Central party that I decided to look at, with the pickup area taking up 4 areas xD. Some got to the house destination, I ended up going back to farming. But check out how crowded Area 1 was (poor Gamma!)

And, I got a Lucky Leprechaun :D. Jade Oni was appreciative after an hour or 2 of farming. Got 2 wands as well, might farm again for a couple different type wands. I believe thats it! Well, of course, don't think I've mentioned it here, but I'm against the text-chat update with no caps. 'xd', ':d' and I like capital 'I's. Its sad, a few bad apples and such. Can't KI at least let us use those ':D' faces? Ah well. Been doing a lot of Helgrind Warren farming on Tarlac for Fancy Tankard items (fancy cup, has a neat drawing of Ice Giant fighting a Dragon on it) for his house from Wild Kraken boss, plus there's quite a few reagents in there :). Happy Farming!

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  1. Hehe! I'm pretty sure that you took that pic right before I ported in! Even if I did come in at that time, I'm not sure I could see myself...


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