Monday, March 28, 2011

Kensington Retirement

Several days grounded, the usual being done ITS... yeah, 6 days without a post, but I'll stop with the apologies now, few of you likely care that much :P.

Alric's party. lol, I like the Minotaur view, don't you? (RHYME! xD) It was his IRL birthday, and it was quite a big party. Got in a match or 2, had a good time ;)

Posing with a KP run crew :) (welcome back Sloan, hi Panglou -french for something cool- and hi new up-and-coming community member, Jordan). I think I'm done with Kensington for now, although it IS in my favorite world and is an awesome place. But, it takes an hour for a very rare chance at something good, and I have MS Furniture farming and such to do. So, I'm waiting till Halloween Towers again... 6+ months, gah! Yeah, forget the Antique Cello and stuff for now :P

So, for now, I'm farming for a Crabling and Wild Bamboo. Have 2 Crablings, just need ONE more for House and Bamboo for MS House. Next up is Paper Lantern Stand (Tomugawa) or Red Leaf Tree (Crowns - Everburn) in the Ancient Burial Grounds. Then, I guess more Crimson Fields farming - need 1 Wildclaw (Crowns, Yakedo), 1 more Lion-thingy statue (Grum) and 1 Pagoda Brazier (Kagemoosha). *Goes to Central to look up threads of people with a Cello. Comes back jealous*

IRL has been fine the last week, went to a Used Book Sale, got 3 from the Humor section :P. Also, should you care about sports, VCU is in the Final Four! Thats my Grandmothers alma-matter :D. And Butler, KY & UConn as well. Hoping any one of them except UConn wins, especially VCU.. would be huge. I can't wait for the end of this week, the "something special" -should it NOT be April Fools- , plus I'll try to pull off my dollar-on-the-ground trick xD. And then the weekend and the Basketball finals. Basically it! SO...

Happy Farming!

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