Friday, September 2, 2011


Hey everyone ^.^ I managed to have an awesome ToH run with Mackenzie Fairy, Heather Raven & her friend Elijah on Sunday! Other than that I've just been having Twitter/Skype conversations, Homework & plant-checking this week. Kinda dull but my High School is actually pretty cool so far. Anyways, Tarlac Lifegiver got the honors of going through..

1st boss deck that could've been better but hey, it was my first run :P

Very mixed feelings (not).


Death by hugging! Why can't we all just get along?
(Note: I got nothing of value for the hug :P)

My pets like showers these days..

Love this house! The only feedback is the objects not allowed on the flooded area, which is like half the house.. yeah, either lessen the flooding or switch that up, please? :P Also it would be cool if we could go inside the ship. But hey, I think Mycin is going to scrap the Storm House for this soon.

On the Wizards Watchtower, my only feedback is looking through that giganto Telescope, and possibly have a little more to do with that epic whirlpool.. my favorite part of it is the long spiral staircase and Dragons Gold Lair, which, you have to admit, thats pretty freaking sweet.

Oh, just realized, I'll do my update on my Summer Goals post a couple months ago.. and I'm continuing writing this post from when I had to stop yesterday after the House feedback so I'm out of ideas.. :P

Happy Questing!

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  1. hey did u know theres a sunken palace glitch? U can go to right in front of the house. Head to the right side, in front of the pedastool thingy, and u can go into the walls over there.


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