Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Powerful Cake.

Why not?

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

(The Tiger is really a homicidal, psycho jungle cat..)

Monsters clash... and explode.

Random drop of the day from the Tomb of the Beguiler! Has 2 Green Cat Thugs now. *cackles*

You don't want to mess with Samoorai Chef.. (kudos to Diana for the hatch!)

I wish I knew.

Right near my Grendelweed spot too. Mmhmm..

*rakes in 5000 crowns and bounty as shown* Seriously though, that Umbra Blade is sweeeet.

Onis gotta shower too.

Palling around with Ngozi. Wait, is that a spear brushing my soldier..? Are those mander slaves back there?! NGOZI!

Overlooking awesomeness after completion of the Balance-shark area -finally-. Onto the Floating Lands!

Must you ask?

On a serious note, don't worry about me, just a loooong rainstorm so far, although it isn't over. Good luck to those harder hit and New Englanders! (Here's looking at you Ditto & Hexthorn!)

To end, I'll post 2 random songs that play on my iPod next.. *whistles*

I should hope so!

lol, I could go on, but thats enough randomness.

Just 2 links to share - Ambrose2Zeke's Champions II coming up! Remember to attend! And I won last year, so you have competition ;)

Plus, Friendly's great interview with Todd Rogers. Long but definitely worth reading! *gamersquees* nice game-records, Todd!

Happy Questing!

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