Monday, August 8, 2011

Toxic Wumpus

Hey, everyone! So, I've made a lot of progress on the Sorcerers, but first ---

Shadowthistle's party last Friday!

Just for the record, I started it, Talon :P. Ever wonder why can you say Squijax in text chat? "Tacoxi" and "omnijak", too.. (the answer is in the link to the above sentence).
Wumpus = A mythical creature Cyrus sends you after on the Orthrus quest.. the Wizard City librarian debunks that myth for you.
Stoprmzilla = A misspelling of the spell that is allowed, strangely..
Anyways, we had fun saying those random words! Hehe.

It was a fun party that reminded me of the old days :) (when PvP-houses weren't invented yet) we need more of those! Thanks for the fun, Kestrel!

Continually questing throughout Sunday, the Balance duo reached Malistaire!

Who appropriately died on a wand spell ;) goodbye, depressing world of Dragonspyre! I won't miss you.

Afterwards, thanks to some help by a #twizard, the Duo beat the Gurtok Demon and Raven$! And, ta-da, the eager questing in Wintertusk had begun. They were only Level 45 (remember, not really doing side-quests), so Celestia was still closed. But, who cares? I couldn't wait to do Wintertusk anyways.

So, starting late this morning, Grandmother Raven was freed and the journey had begun.

Granny says HI!

Thanks to a nice Alwin Brightspark (lets just say I pull him out of the Crowns Shop a lot, ala Ice bosses here), doing a 7124 Helephant (buffs FTW), I beat Skeggis Forkbeak in 'Thanes Table'. And shared some nice hot bread.

So, several Ice bosses later and dealing with Austri, the Duo dinged 48. (3 levels in 2 streets! :D)
Before venturing into Vestrilund, Power Nova was calling. Above is the Crystal recieved from a DS Tower, and should you be curious of more details involving the Nova quest..
(Not my video, of course. Credit to original maker.)

One DS Tower and one fallen Oni later..

Do you notice the possible theorycrafting in the above picture?
There's a city, and quite a few place names I'm sure, called Kent in England (a la based off of Marleybone). There are no areas involving 'Kent' in Marleybone, though. Now, it could just be the real place in England, but I'm not sure Kingsisle would do that. So, should Barkingham Palace ever open, will there ever be an area called Kent? I wouldn't think World, but they did have 2 parts to Grizzleheim after all. Then again, it COULD just be a mistake and not mean anything. We may never know!

Anywho, after destroying a priceless jewel, the spell was mine! :)

And, first casting on some unruly Vestrilund Wildclaws.

Fail, much?
So, now the Balance Duo is in Sudrilund, completing Vestrilund tonight and moving on to face some challenges from Sudri's Raven comrade tomorrow. Hoping I'll get to Nastrond tomorrow! The Duo has moved from 45-49 in 3 areas, so that should give a good idea of that awesomeness that is Wintertusk EXP. Where will they be after Wintertusk, stepping foot into Celestia? Tune in next post!

Happy Questing!

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