Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Are The Champions

Go Ravenwood!

They're obviously used to this, because that pig didn't bat a sweat at the sight of a ghost..

Reminds me a little of the Science Center.. 'cept for the flying Unicorns, defenses, and hobgoblins, of course.

Spiffy! Chico begs to differ though, think he got a splinter.

Immediately following a 10-15 minute maintenance fixing the friends list, LOL.

Ok, those Green Men are just STRANGE. Face reminds me of Shel Silverstein for some weird reason and whats with the thin red handlebar whiskers?

Nastrond-esque tunnel - easy to get claustrophobic in.

Hall of the Gorgon, where its not too hard to get lost. Very pretty and spacious! And the satisfaction of defeating a snob helped ;)

Its like the gateway for those condemned to the lions in the Roman Colliseum, yet the rug, fountain (not pictured) and more closed-up arena give an air of fanciness. Nice design by Kingsisle to give both a view of feeling condemned walking down those dungeon-y halls yet the splendor is completely different.. I could go on ^.^

*evil smile* + Myth Prisms + Gargantuan + Froggy....

I probably liked Nalia the most among my opponents, not jumping to conclusion of victory, humble in defeat.. I hope Mirage comes first, I want to see more of those foxes over Goth Pixies and Goblins with pierced-ears (sorry, Weirwood). Or the flying squid world!

Sorry I didn't bring you along for the ride, Medusa. A wall painting can't hurt me, right?

Feelin' Stronger Every Day! I mean.. YAYYY I HAVE THE SPIRAL CUP! *tries to lift, fails dramatically, carries broken piece of Cup to Jared Banks*

And, onto opinions!

The Best ~
It would have to be the new furniture items. Even if you weren't splurging on the Wyvern Hoards, some were up in the Bazaar, among them Birdbaths, Chicken Coops, etc. Cutefied! I even filled a small spot inside and outside to completely finish my Island Getaway from Wyvern Hoard items...

A close second, probably the design that was Wysteria. The ominous
background music (thank you, Nelson Everhart), the delicated tile and building, there was just many new places that are hard to compare to others. Pegasus Park, the vines, the Dorms..

The Worst ~
Err, why the little Pet Page change? (btw, credit to Cass Hexthorn for the idea of this segment and the pic) Thats just wasted time spent changing that right there for Kingsisle, while having zero good advancements made. The only thing they need to work on there is changing more accurate rarities, and that wasn't even done. Its small, but its just taking a tiny step back.

Teleporters - Yes, I believed these were very nifty... so I splurged 10k crowns on the 6-Pack. Now I want a refund. The main complaint from my end is it not being trade-able. I've heard there can be issues if it IS tradeable, but what in the world is the point of the 6-Pack if you only have 5 houses (if you have the MFP and MSP) and 1 dorm at maximum? And it doesn't change too much walking, it sort of shows you how lazy we can all be somet
imes xD.

The Debatable ~
Obviously, for a main course, we have the Wyvern Hoard Pack dispute. I'm on the fence here, to be honest. To stray the subject matter a little bit, take the 1000 gold for 800 crowns deal. That, along with the other gold for crowns buys, are a complete rip-off, (25k gold for $27? Farming
can get you that amount in under an hour) but you rarely hear people complain about why those are in the Crowns Shop. "Then doesn't everyone just not buy them?" Not really, newbies to the game may think this is a great deal and buy it, but 1000 gold is very easy to get in Wizard101 these days. Plus, the total combined gold of what you sold from everything in a Wyvern Pack would be well over 1000, for only 400 crowns. Or, take the second-chance chests, there's a
chance at getting a piece of gear that sells for a bit for only 50 crowns. Anyways, what I'd do for the Hoards is, should you have plenty of crowns, buy 20-25 and completely stop after that no matter the circumstances. The Wyvern mounts would probably be 10k crowns if sold separately, and spending 8k is probably enough. Still, if you don't get the Wyvern (me..), you got plenty of little things (more energy gear, housing pieces, etc) and can sell the stuff you don't need for a bit of gold and be a bit satisfied, but pick a reasonable limit. Its an addiction, after all! I really want the Cloud Wyvern, but I've
reached that personal limit, so just moving on. And, after all, maybe its not as great as you think, take the Skeletal Drake - I got that on my 2nd Dragons Hoard try, was pretty excited, but its just uncomfortably large and takes up a bit of the screen. The Wyvern may be the same case, maybe try getting on in the next Test Realm -free crowns- and see how it actually feels to ride it. It may not really be good enough, and don't most of us have plenty of mounts anyway? Anyways, I'll cut it short, the Hoards aren't Vegas, but they've got their pros & cons.

Note: For those interested in all the Wyvern drops, click HERE
Miscellaneous ~
These can be skipped over, the pet page is an example of a small miscellaneous update, but here's some opinions on the small ones that appear on the Update Notes:
Players will now see a confirmation window when they ignore a friend on their friends list - Good! There's been many accidental removings of friends, as Ignoring removes a friend, and we get a confirmation window to remove them, right? Good little fix.
School Symbols of Mobs/players now appearing besides them - Nice notice, and not changing it in PvP. Bosses with pretty long names don't have it all written down, is that part of the update or my Computer resolution? Might be my bad, but thats not very important anyways.
"Transaction Not Successful." -> "Sorry, this item has been sold." - A bit more simple... but, I noticed the number of reagents available didn't change when I bought some, and I had to refresh the page to see how many left again, which is kind of inconvenient. If this was bought on by the new sentence... this caused more bad than good for my Bazaar sniping.
Text Chat Dictionary slightly smaller/Angrus Hollowsoul no longer appears to load - Not sure which words were taken out of the Dictionary, but from the substitutes I've seen, there's always going to be a new way to say an obscene word. Hopefully they took out some big ones for the Trolls and peace may be a little better. Bad apples hurt the good ones, which is life, sadly. Angrus Hollowsoul, very minor update but lessens some annoyance when I sometimes walk through the Commons. It just makes me tic a little even though it matters none.. so I'm glad they fixed that.

Long post gotten to you yet? Sorry, I've had a lot to catch up on :P but I had fun for a week, and won't be going on anymore Vacations, although School restarts in 9 days. Good luck to those starting in the upcoming week! To close, it was nice to hear about the further Wizard101 expansion into foreign areas, as the largest country in terms of population joined hands! I hope it goes over well there and attracts many new players, so it will be interesting to see the commercial for China and if anything is different there. The British servers whole Wizard City is free, I believe, with several other minor differences from our main one, so you never know.

Happy Questing!

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  1. The teleporters are only one way, you need two of them to port back and forth. If you wanted to set up your dorm as a hub with paths to three houses and back it would take all six.

    I agree they should be tradable, but that may be how they settled on six per pack.


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