Friday, August 12, 2011

*Lots Of Squees*

Hey everyone! The Balance Duo has progressed more :)

Troll wanting to compete with the Ravens.


My Fire Elf pet from Doodle Dug's Tier 3! (7500-10k score) Woot woot ^.^

Cute little dragon! Well, not so little, but its awesome nonetheless.

Twisty Nastrond Caverns :o

Thanks to a nice #twizard, Wintertusk was defeated! RAWR! Into Celestia!

Thinks the cat got his tongue.

Nice crab house - but where's Tristans hat?

And, lastly, the Duo reached the District of the Stars. Celestia going well!

Accidently forgot to harvest my Elder Giving Tree till yesterday, but those are some awesome rewards.

Fiddled around on Dugan's KT House (going well!) and the Pavilion had a mind of its own o_O


And, the Houser's dream --- 50 new pieces of furniture, and thats not the end of it. CAN'T WAIT! Now, if it will only hurry..

Yeah, I could've posted more, but I'm a little short on time. I'm going to my Grandmas and the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 10 days, but I might bring my Computer to check on my plants and see the House-a-Palooza (release it in the next 2 hours, pleeez?). So, I'll be back to posting in a week and a half! Hope I have some fun and don't go totally MIA (although, I will be mostly). Oh, and good luck to those going back to school.. (2 1/2 weeks for me! And I had a weird dream about it last night). Kinda worried obviously, and I still have to do that Summer Reading stuffz. Just hope High School doesn't make me too busy.

Lastly, I NEED that Samoorai pet. Totally.
And, *cue fan squees*

Can't wait for that either! Have a good middle-of-August, everyone :)

Happy Questing!

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