Friday, August 5, 2011

Caption THIS!


Anyways, due to my friend in town, I have gone another week mostly dormant. But hey, the roller coasters were fun, lets get to the News!

As you all.. I think.. know, Wysteria has entered the known Spiral. It has one Common-Area, Pigswick, and 2 other streets, Tanglewood Way and Pegasus Place. The main complaint is Potter-rip-off, but besides that, its pretty neat. I liked the design of Pigswick streets and the new schools based off others (Chaos = Death; Earth = Life, etc.), although I don't know if they serve a purpose. I did a little of Pegasus Place, saving some surprise for the Live Realm, but I hear of a big Spiral Cup item and Golden Piggle, which seems pretty worth it. And the clothes possibly stitch-worthy. It has its own spot on the Spiral Door, so you could say its a small World.

One little biggy is the hints to possibly new worlds: Mirage and Weirwood. Will we see these in the future?! I'll talk more about this when it comes Live to avoid too much spoiling, but remember to help Petnome while the Test Realm is upon us!

Two other things: new August KIFG rewards, and, not too big, but a few new Krokotopia tidbits I just noticed in the crowns shop (plates and icons). The new KIFG rewards are pretty sweet as usual, thankfully, even PERMANENT mounts this time! Plus, if you can score high, a chance at a few crowns! :) A lot more pets, among other things, too. Rumors even of a new Fire Elf pet? More findings to come in the future.

Also, don't forget the W101 Central Contests!

As you can see, I'm entering the Caption This! contests, along with the Daily Raffles and Jester/Olivia Hide and Seeks. Hope to win something. Happy 3rd birthday, Friendly, Obama, and Wizard101!

Plus, this is my Moon Outfit for Shadowthistle's Party tonight. Don't forget that, either.
Got to go - I'll update the Balance Duo's progress next post, they still got some done this past week.

Happy Farming!

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  1. Too bad jester banned me from central for protesting against him....

    I'm pretty certain that the schools of pigswick relate to ravenwood like this.

    If you go in the chaos and spirit schools, you'll see that chaos relates more to myth.


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