Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of Khrysalis - Shadow Palace Showdown

So it shall be, that I finally wrap up this post series a month after actually finishing Khrysalis. It's been almost four years since Celestia and my quest-posts began, and it's gone from Morganthe's introduction to her defeat. All things come to an end, though, including the presence of the Shadow Lady.

The defeat-warlords-again dungeon was particularly frustrating. But it does prevent the Spiral from being rewritten, after all.


That's reassuring *sigh*

'Final Countdown' for Malistaire, 'Final Challenge' for Morganthe. Time to tell Morganthe she can't sing.

Yeah, she gets beyond creepy here.

Cue the battle pictures!

 Very appropriate that a level 22 spell should kill the final Morganthe.

No idea where that leaves my dead memory..

Go figure - Morganthe and Malistaire are both floating in space now. 

Posing over what I shall call Morganthe's Nebula :P

"From the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall" seems to have backfired...

Dyvim was definitely the best part of Khrysalis ;)

lol, not sure how I feel about Arlen bugs.

"We"? I haven't been locked up for eons like you, man.

Ohhhh. Gross. How did so many creatures fit under that hood?

Obvious Third Arc clues. I'm most excited for Polaris, honestly. Seems like a frozen Celestia with penguins.

Ambrose's indifferent demeanor is odd. Did he anticipate Old Cob's weird awakening or just downplay it? Unlike the end of Malistaire's saga, there are a lot of specific questions that follow the end of the Second Arc. The biggest one, though - will it be over a year before the eleventh main world comes out? :P

Once again, the community settles in for an inevitable wait, hopefully equipped with teasers. Another side world like Grizzleheim (which came out between DS and CL) would be nice, too...

For the last time until whenever,

Happy Questing!

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