Saturday, January 1, 2011

Levi (at hanD)

Bad news first, lets get it over with...


  • Duo of Death
  • British Theurgist
  • Fearless Fire Wizard*

*contemplating quitting

are quitting. I guess its a lack of Vitamin D, seeing others quit, and post holiday depression :P. Here's a few reasons how to relieve boredom in Wizard101:

  • Decorate houses, its fun to farm for the furniture and all
  • Garden, you get rewards out of it and it also can be fun
  • Have a trash day, where you sort through everything on all your characters, throw unneeded stuff (furniture, maybe) into the Bazaar, or sort your bank, etc.
  • Crafting, it can get boring but its still awesome
  • Farming for gold and gear can be fun
  • Bazaar sniping is tedious, but is still extremely entertaining ;)
And remember, many new bloggers take a new spot every week, so you can make new friends, don't just quit Wizard101 because your friends are doing it unless you truly are bored or are too busy IRL. Its almost like a cycle.

ANYWAYS, Good news time!
Mycin finished the Science Center today :)

Wrong, he's salmon, he's weak, I'm strong, point heard, got it?

So then, it was off to 2 side-quest bosses with basically the same dialogue, which they seem to calculate thoughtfully in their heads

Praxus just seems a little more hyper. Soon, I dropped the first couple Crustacean Empire quests from my book and got a little message:

I was sent to dig up worms. Nice way to get rid of me, running me off to a pshycopath hamburger who guards his worms. But, I prepared, and it took me 2-3 tries against Tengri, and he was burger and his minion was bacon.

My deck construction, for you 58 Storm wizzies out there.
Put off a Fire Shield (w/Ice, but forget about that one) A.S.A.P. Kill his minion with a blade, feint, and a Lord/Triton. Now, use your Treant morph and Storm minion (Bubbles sacrificed his life for me, and was crushed by a Firezilla). Then, throw off the blades/traps and Tritons and pray :P.

Levi! *hugs, Levi tries to eat Mycin*

Ooh, purple after-effect orb...

What? Nuncio drops the Water Pump? Its listed as Achaelos on Central (whom I unsucesfully farmed over and over a while ago) but anyway, woot!
Oh, did you notice Mycin's look?

Ninja Pig hat looks good on him ;D

That, my friends, shows the power.
Happy New Year!


  1. It's sad to see our friends go... Besides that news congrats with Mycin Arlen.

  2. I love the suggestions, especially trash day. (Man, that can be some work!)

    I think we all go through periods where we feel like we've done it all. Especially once you have multiple grandmasters.

    For something new, I've taken on a HUGE crafting challenge: The Aquarium. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started. The reagents haven't been that bad but the helephant treasure cards have turned out to be an ordeal. I even had to start doing all the crafting quests on my pyromancer just so I can get the helphant recipe, make the cards, and then give them to my necromancer making the aquarium. Sheesh! Oh well, it keeps me busy until I'm ready to quest again. Celestia might look easy after this.

  3. @Heather Do ya mind? ;)
    @Blaze I just felt like that before I finally unlocked crafting, now there's gardening, and I'm really into house decorating... but contemplating quitting? *gasp*. And a helpful ally (Paige Moonshade) gave me the Helephants for the Aquarium, which I'm going to craft too. So much to craft, so little time

  4. Well Arlen if you're gonna use my material, I do want some props.


Have a splendiferous day! :)