Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hydrants and Aquariums

Lots has been going on ITS (In the Spiral) for me as of late, so here's a little post to update my progress :)

That, the rare Yellow Foodcart, and another Carved Pew is what I've gotten in Kensington Park with all the runs (mostly soloing :D). Stoker refuses to drop anything good though.

Just made this epic Aquarium (thanks for the Helephants, Paige!). So there's one little project crossed off the list. Next is probably the huge Toy Train Set, which I'm closing in on.
Me and the Rogue Sorcerer decided to wallop a Potbelly with over 15X my record damage on a Katz Lab run. I got Smogger's Audo Radiator, one of the items I wanted, in the end :D. Lots of treasure cards were involved in the hit, although I can think of a few others to make it better (no elixirs, either). Tarlac just hit 54 and is nearly done with the Floating Lands (just got a Tiki Torch from Tangleroot, as well) and Mycin is on vacation, lol.
That about wraps it up (still miss Heather - PIP (Play In Peace))
Happy Farming!

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