Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chamber of Watered Doom

Yea, random title, I know. Hard to come up with a catchy one. You'll find out what that is later in this post :P but anyways, time for some game updates on my part :)

Pink Dandelion garden (mostly) turned Elder. The 'Pungent Bug Spray' spell adds a nice touch, seeing as they're going to plant heaven.

The main rewards. Some gave Sunbird TCs, some 2 of the same reagent, etc. Multiply rewards like that by 50. Black Pearl heaven :D

Mycin, with Blaze Stormthief, beat Calypso and 2 Blue Barts for the heck of it. I gotta say, that drunken old hog has the best animation ever :). Sometimes he looked like he wanted to find the back of the bar, to, well, toss his...rum.

Randomly beat Helgrind Warren, and its cooler than I thought. Has a Dragonspyrian touch at the lava zone, a Krokotopian touch at the sand part, etc. The Kraken boss had green fingernails, even o_o. So, whats the sewer thingy by Ullik? Didn't think the Norse mythology based on Grizzleheim had access to new technology. *shrug*


Chamber of Watered Doom, I shall call it. I don't know, but Ullik has a tight, yet awesome, home.
Anyway, couple more things. Tarlac finished the Trial of the Spheres today, earning nothing good in the process :P. At 8:30 tonight is a big bash for Jordan Seadreamer's birthday sponsered by... Icy Wiz's BanHammer. If you break rules, Icy wield BanHammer. More info on Twitter, DoaW or Facebook to get there tonight :)
Oh, and Mycin has been farming the Tree of Life like Zeus struck him. So far, I've managed 2 Youkai's Bonsai's, 1 Crimson Silk Kimono, 1 Samoorai Statue and 1 Gong of the Oni. I still need... 1 Green Ghost pet, 1 Stone Sarcophagus, 1 Deathbat pet, 1 Statue of Hyottoko and 1 Gong of the Oni. Gah! At least its kinda fun and I have a ton of Black Lotus and such now.
Happy Farming! (oh, and forgot to mention earlier, but have 50 followers :D thanks all)


  1. Where you find your pink dandelions? All the places that I -knew- had them, have produced NONE in battles lately while trying to get more. :(

  2. Can I meet you in game some time? Its SOOO hard to find people to do random dungeons like Helgrind Warren.


  3. @Fin/Quinn Sure :) just send me an e-mail with a TFC, I suppose, or I can give you one -

    @Xinaed Good luck w/the Nirini Quartermaster!


Have a splendiferous day! :)