Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misfit toys

Today I helped a friend finish MB. We fought Smogger 3 times in 2 runs, and each came up with a Pixie :D

Not the good kind (which gives spell) as you can see, though. Weird note: Jenna's is named Baby Elvis, mine is King Gracie - get it? Elvis? Graceland? Thats a creepy random named coincidence o_o

Plus, I made the Toy Train Set along with a couple small ones from Gurtok in Ravenscar. Only 2 Black Pearls which I'm hoping from a Pink Dandelion harvest tomorrow till a Square Clocktower is done, then I'm done crafting stuff for the MB House! *phew* Plus, the Antique Cello, which I want badly from Stoker... ugh.

Just a fun picture of some wizards who joined us conquering Big Ben -again- I got another White Rat :D

I think I've had my Marleybone share for a while. Until I get the Cello.
Next house up is Tarlacs Grizzleheim Hotel, which is doing nicely but needs more. Basically the news with me, plus I'm getting Mycin into crafting, he'll be going to Balthazar in DS very soon.
Happy Farming! (1-11-11!)

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