Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Cyclops Lane

Figured it was time for me to do a Wizard City one. Cyclops Lane is what I'd call the rich peoples area of Wizard City. I mean, they have gold roofs! :P. I hope the neighbors aren't snobby. Oh wait, they are. Nolan Stormgate and Cyrus Drake come to mind.

Olde Town makes a guest appearance here. I find it hard to manage my money in the Bazaar

Rats in the sewers? Alligators?!?

Floating Viking Ship! You don't see that every day.


No wonder there are so many trolls. Wanting to steal all the tea those rich inhabitants have.

Please bring plastic bags while walking your dogs here.

Cypress trees are a favorite of Lord Spike's. Big bark.

Wonder how the Minotaurs got here?

Need to go feed the Trolls more Spider eyes. Happy Farming!

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