Monday, January 17, 2011

Furry's Fury

Lots as usual has been happening in-game!

Finally able to plant my 60 Pink Dandelions. I might have to use that rug trick to harvest some in the middle, but all in all they fit the aura for needs perfectly (only 40 energy, including the Rank 1 Pests away for 2 days spell)

Tarlac encountered a 'Preceptor of Contemplation' while questing. Someone translate that for me? :P

Tarlac & Tiger in the Science Center

I beat him easily... with a little help from a death henchman who took a LONG time to finish the job. Afterwards, "...I don't like honey anyway..." - YEA RIGHT! *psh* Poor loser...

Furry being summoned! Very original name, I know.

Little mini-glitch afterwards. He didn't want to leave ;)

RAWR! FEAL MY GREEN LEAFY FURRY OF DOOM! He's an awesome extra from 2 Centaurs, now just a Lifeblade and a Furry :)
If you're curious...

Questline there.
Lastly, Happy MLK Day! Its not just a day off from school!

Happy Farming!

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