Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...and more Crafting

Its basically been for Mycin's new house lately. (Poll on the side for next house I should do ;))

Your first thought is probably "Cherry Blossom heaven..." but I'm planning on getting some Windswept and Fall Trees to replace quite a few :P

There should be more Bamboo drops. Its a rarity (Oakheart drop) in the Bazaar, but I'll eventually get some more

Awesome little Brick Walled Pond there :)

Kimono collection in the back. Plus a tablet collection that will dot the hallways and one room of those Obelisk things.

Cow Meditation :)

I love that Bamboo Fountain. It could be a little bigger, but its nice enough.
Btw, Tarlac is VERY close to Master Artisan, going to buy some Nightshade/Mushrooms from Bazaar when I log in next time, I'll break from GM Artisan on him and other alt crafting for a while though :). I'm doing some brainstorming for more posts around here, so expect a theorycrafting post next, like everyone else seems to be doing. Now should I collect some Grendelweed, play Basketball or study for a Periodic Table test? Happy Farming!

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