Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To Heather Emeraldflame ~

Well, we have some very sad news today. John Lifeglen broke the news that a fellow blogger, Heather Emeraldflame, has passed. She hasn't been blogging for some time, getting acquainted with Runescape and still lurking in-game I've heard, leveling up a wizard to Legendary. When I was a newbie blogger, I was amazed at her 13 Grandmasters feat and such. She was, and still is, an inspiration to all

Especially to Mycin, as a storm wizard.
Her "location" on Twitter is "The Heart Land ;)" (mine is Marleybone if you must know :P) so thats where she is now, for eternity, and we will all see her in the Heart Land.
At least she didn't suffer.
Lastly, here's a final word from her Wizard101 placard:

"No longer blogging or having any interaction with Wizard101 community. I have found peace in another game, not to be mentioned. I have also found that less of a community brings more peace and less feelings hurt. It's better to keep to yourself or with your small group of real friends rather than get too involved in the community...that remains my option. But I can say things have been better and more peaceful without such involvements. Any community ruled by one person, who is manipulating everyone, including kids, into believing he is the ultra-authority does not deserve any attention. As more and more people are harmed by this monster, maybe sometime people well understand why I left 101 for a time. If I play it now I keep to myself, friends, and family who have stuck by me no matter what and never judged me by any interview or by what anyone told them about me without ever getting to know me."

Thats a lesson to be learned, is it not? Maybe we'll understand what she means more fully one day. Heather Emeraldflame, you will be missed.
*casts wand in memory*

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