Monday, July 4, 2011

Half-Year Goals

.. But first, a short little Housing Showcase!

I spent a little time at Angel Winterbreeze's Party, and glitch-rugged places like this were pretty amazing.

This is the Island way up on that hill you can't go up.. until Angel did.

Plus it took a while to just get up here without falling. Right by the Taj-Mahal type roof. lol.

So, onto the subject of the title, I've gotten the idea from IcyWiz & Newsweek, so I figured, why not set some goals for the upcoming half-year?

  • Finish 4-5 houses (3 nearly completed)
  • Get Balance & Death duo to Legendary (Ultimate Legendary, as ze Goldhorn put it)
  • Get a 'perfect pet' in stats.
  • Become Warlord in PvP (okay, this probably isn't too likely, but maybe)
  • Transcript at least 5 RR episodes
  • Make a music vid out of a 70's song :P
  • Get all best gear for Legendaries
Thats what I can think of right now, and thats probably enough, seeing as I have more cut out for IRL with High School this year xD

Lastly, of course, Happy 4th. Going down to the Capitol later for fireworks :D I got my new iPod all ready too. Here's for a great upcoming 2nd half of 2011!

Happy Farming!

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