Monday, April 4, 2011

Producer's Hints At WT?

So, lets cut straight to the chase! HERE is this months Producers Letter!
And take a big glance at these AWESOME pictures that were released with it!

Woah. I take it this is the entrance to one of the areas, and is a huge Mammoth Skull? Then again, this one has 1 horn, like a Rhinoceros or Unicorn (Unicorns can't be that beast though :P) and no Trunk?

Maybe its something mythical (epic Sabretooth?). We'll see!

Now this takes me straight to something like Narnia or Bone or..something?! Winter Maple Forest? Maybe here a boss will drop the GH/WT Tent item? (I've always secretly dreamed of that :)) But it looks very dreamy, I hope we can walk through that forest. Now lets go into some important excerpts from Ruben's (aka Falmea) letter!

"...finally meet Grandmother Raven. She should be a great aid to you" - Now this disproves the theory that Raven is evil/will be cursed at the beginning. I figured so :).
Ruben further proves new school pets will be in the game, and we should have a tough boss to fight them out for like our 58 spells! "They won’t be easy to obtain.."
" to “upgrade” one existing spell and will get something new. Your Wizard must be level 58 to get these quests." - Upgrade?! Cool! So, maybe we get a 8/9-pip Earthquake type or Frog, etc. Maybe we'll have to choose.
"Balance Wizards, we found some ancient and powerful magic to provide you a new, shiny, and more powerful healing over time spell! Storm Wizards, you’ll find some awesome damage at your disposal, but with great capability comes great danger." - So, she hints Balance will get a powered-up Helping Hands and Storm will get something "awesome", but with great danger. Does this mean they have an uber-hard quest, but more likely, a spell that can backfire, like Immolate? Or another kind of Wild Bolt which, when it does the highest damage, can inflict more pain upon your wizard, thus being VERY unpredictable? So many possibilites!
"... a new area with the toughest combat yet, but the spoils will most certainly befit the difficulty. These challenges will be presented to our most powerful Wizards. If you fall into that category, let me just say… I hope you’re up for the challenge!" - Do I hear another Warehouse/BBT, but in a non-dungeon? And I sure hope the "spoils" are some sweet pets (Midget Bear? Grendling? Wolf?). Since WT will quite likely be a side-world + no level cap, I don't want to hear "TOO HARD!" complaints ;) I'm stoked for these "challenges", and hoping it isn't a dungeon.
"You won’t have to wait too long to find out, get ready to explore our newly expanded Crab Alley! It will be right up your alley if your Wizard is around level 10-15." - You won't have to wait too long to find out. This should mean Crab Alley will be here before WT, and maybe even this month or May! It also says "..if your Wizard is around level 10-15." but also "It will be right up your alley" so the difficulty level should be Initiate, and open to anyone or LvL 10+.
".. a huge list of changes coming out with this next release, and there’s a lot more to come out in the months to come. My next letter should be full of juicy gossip!" - Lets hope for more, as I like to call them, miscellaneous but awesome updates. Pretty sure all the PvPers in the Spiral will hear Earthquake won't take Stun Blocks anymore, as I've heard a lot about that. Plus more annoying bugs, etc. wiped out. And "months to come.." can mean several things, will WT come out as long as it took CL, or will we have even more side-updates (e.g, Advanced Pets last year) after and/or before WT? And they've had a bit of releases lately, usually coming at the end/beginning of a month, so I predict the "huge list of changes coming out with this next release" will be at the turn of April/May. And, by "THIS NEXT release", does THIS mean WT, since that was the subject of much of the letter? Wintertusk coming as soon as after Easter?? I don't want to rush them, but *SQUEE* I hope so! And that wraps up the Producer's Letter, giving us more theorycrafting to think about ;).
Q & A plus advice follows, so remember to check out the whole newsletter!

IRL, I took a ton of pics I hope to figure out how to upload and went for 5 hours yesterday to the Cherry Blossom Festival! Tidal Basin was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Although the McDonalds was cheap and my hands smelled terrible, it was great. The Washington Monument was very delicate at the break of nighttime, with a cool purple-ish sky and such. Was SO sore after all that walking too. A little nippy w/a short-sleeve shirt, but it was worth it :). Next up, I found some more interesting bits from Norse Mythology correlating to GH, so I'll post that soon.

Happy Theorycrafting!

P.S. Pet Rock is about to leave, already, just FYI. Its still not really worth it.. I'll hatch for it when I want it for a House or something :)


  1. with the upgrading your spells thing, I imagine it will be something like a sun enchantment spell. But what it will do is make youur spell look cooler, and be more powerful. For example, change firecat to a giant fire-breathing lion

  2. Oooh! I love those trees! I hope I can put some of those maple trees in my house. And I love the new template for your blog!


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