Friday, April 1, 2011

"I Got A Chocolate Bar! I Got 3 Cookies! I Got A Package Of Gum! ... I Got A Rock"

... To be honest, I'm kind of underwhelmed, I'd rather have the cookies :P. (complete credit to Steven for reminding me of that quote. And yes, getting a rock is a completely different meaning now.)

Getting to the last post, the new mounts are the Moonlight (not -shine? Oh wait..), Starlight, and Sunshine Ponies. You gotta find the pictures yourself ;). Info for a big hide-and-seek for the Sunshine Ponies from RR is on their Forum or Spiritcallings (I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO LINK A WORDY!!!). So many contests! I just wish they wouldn't have "first entered, first served", because, well, some of us were at school and work when a couple blogs did that -
_-. But, on to the REAL news...

Well, technically not...

OK, I'll stop! Really. Oh btw, did you hear I got an Atomic Lepreclaw pet? APRIL - Oh, you were expecting that? Never mind...

I am NOT buying one, lol. If we see a talent that gives Critical to every spell, maybe, but no. One new one is 'Taunt', which, surprise, may cast Taunt. Like THATs going to be good in PvP. I don't like the going-through of the Cannon Game, but this is not the way to combat that, Kingsisle :P. Anyways, its Friday, there's a party at our house, so its a good day nonetheless. Remember MOUNT WEEK! Too lazy to make a parody of a Shark. Heck with it ---

Happy Confuzzling?

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  1. Lol, great "Peanuts Halloween" reference! I can visualize the many-eyed "ghost" sheet!


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