Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WT Notes, Plus Big Day For My Newbies

First off, credits to John Lifeglen, Alric Ravensinger & Anime Johnist for the finding these on threads!

Thank you, Baldur! We now have more complete information. The Morganthe theorycrafting will have to be saved till the next world, officially no level cap and it IS a continuation/must do GH, etc.

Adding Mega Snacks to boss drops! YES!

And, in Spiral news, I DID IT! Pony epicness, yo! Her name is... Pointy Eggs? I won the RR
random drawing yesterday, and received this beauty. As you can see, I gave it to my newbie account :). Now why is my newbie lady in KT? I got the 60k Crowns Deal! Now my mom's character can ride in style anywhere in the Spiral! :D I got Crowns since I don't plan on going quickly, just level whenever I'm bored and stuff. So, I suppose I'll level my Balance duo, then Death, then my Ice to make an "Ultimate Legendary" team (Having a Legendary from all 7

Rogue made this little rug bridge, and it looks like I'm standing on nothing.. plus have you ever seen those support pipes beneath the Balance house? He also had a little hide-and-seek for a Shardtail Dragon, and Sloan won. He was standing in a glitchy spot that you can only port to (someone accidently gets there, people port, etc.) up in Olde Town.

So, now I can bring my alts on farming tours with me. The Norse Mythology post should be next, sorry, unless some other big things happen :P. For now..

Happy Farming!

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