Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Grumble, Give A Whistle

Just to let everyone know that, I'm a little bit at a loss for what to blog about too, so don't expect the regular-ish schedule of every 2 days sometimes if I have a break off creativity :P. Maybe another GH-Norse mythology post will be up tomorrow, though. What I'm trying to say is, I want an excuse instead of saying "sorry I haven't blogged in..." sort of xD. Anyway, its the beginning of Spring Break for me, so I have a little more time ITS (with parents nagging. Of course). Today I farmed Maito for the Red Banner and his Samoorai minion notched me up a bit toward the badge 'Samoorai', for Ambrose2Zeke's latest contest as well :). And, Ashikata FINALLY coughed up a Fall Tree. Now I'm going for 1 more Star-thingy from Stonebreaker and then the Crimson Fields. So yes - MS furniture farming! I also finally got enough Grendelweed to make a Toy Train Set for Tarlac's abode, phew. And a little Sophia, although I'm winding down on her for a bit since I got her to the desired Iceblade ;). But, I plan on leveling Tarlac & Tavia - the Balance Duo - past WC this week and in the future be a 'questing buddy' with good ol' Luke Goldhorn's Life alt. I've been having fun with starting off in Skype -which is pretty random but hilarious with the others, believe me- and watching Monty Python too... oh, that reminds me - for Friendly & Amber!

Notice: Contains 1 bad word and uber optimism. I guess we all realized we've been a little at a loss for blogging lately, with Friendly's latest post, so thats why I'm backing off a teeny bit too. Like Luke also said, you shouldn't "need" to post something - when you have a loss for words, you wouldn't post 1... 2.... 3..... 4...... (etc) would you, just to keep up the blog number and "bump" your post (as Central says) to the top of blogrolls. So I'll post when I have something and probably will have a loose routine - remember, just a teeny decrease in posts, it will depend. Anyway, I SO want this at my funeral (no, I'm not dying xD) - I love this. I've also been feeling like Disco lately, maybe I want to be a hippie (peaceful, not the drugs part O_o) and rock to life. Yeah. DISCO INFERNO! *ahem* Maybe I'll enjoy some more Monkees or Beatles to get me off this Disco-stage. Remember: Always look on the light side of life. And yes, life is quite absurd, so look on the BRIGHT SIDE! Word.

Happy Farming!

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