Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ponies & Blossoms (Girly Title Much?)

No pictures here, I think. Just an update!

ITS - Yesterday, RR did the Sunshine pony hide-and-seek contest! Their twitter feed will tell you where they were hiding and the spot hints! Icy's was the easiest for me, I got the right realm, but I started off in the Haunted Cave (they could be in ANY free area) and she was found immediately... in Unicorn Way. The others were found quickly as well, while Kevin took a LONG time to be found, but his clue was so hard, I never would have found him. Later on, RR did a second hide-and-seek for a smaller prize where the crew hid across the whole Spiral on the Wraith realm. Since the previous one was in Wizard City, I decided to start in Krokotopia. When the starting horn blew, I looked around the Spiral Chamber quickly, went outside, and on my chat box I see "I have 934/934 health" from someone named Rowan. :O Isn't that Icy?? I pinpointed her in a large tent by Zeke, said the codephrase: "I like your pet" and I won 2500 Crowns! Teehee :). I only had 205 at the time, so I'm saving this stock for second-chance chests, etc. I then did my OWN hide-and-seek, with the same rules as RRs 2nd, but I made the area I was in as a jumble. I was standing over a fence by the sidewalk, in an area I talked about before, the ultimate DS glitchy! Jordan Seadreamer didn't take long to find me for a prize of 5 Elucidates :P. Otherwise, I've been farming Do-Daga and others for MS Furniture, getting just 1 Paper Lantern Stand and 1 Paper Lantern. Do-Daga has only given 1 in 3+ hours of trying -_-. I reported a couple icky Commons gobblers, and thats pretty much it. Do-Daga, Mount Week & other MS Bosses are on this weeks list!

IRL - I'm about (I don't know what I pressed, but the rest of this text is going to be underlined for some reason) to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival via Metro, so that should be great, my first! :D I love those trees. Good for Japan too, who donated them 100 years ago!

Omigosh, they're so pretty!!! The only thing I like in pink, at all xD. I just hope it won't be too crowded. Lots of playing/watching Basketball (VCY & KY lost :/) too, computer, and... thats mostly my weekend. Got drenched in a short downpour yesterday after Church Work Day, which was cool. Got help with maintenance on my bike so I'll probably be back on that soon. Just over 2 months till Summer Vacation :P

Happy Farming!

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