Saturday, April 23, 2011

May You Win 50 Kit-Kats Tomorrow

Mostly to note that I'll be back on Wednesday and have a great Easter, but while I'm here, let me update my game progress!

Tavia got the Blue Ghost & Snow Serpent in WC questing! Lucky her :). I got the Duo past WC, and a little through the Sun Pyramid with Luke. Tavia dinged 18, but Mander Minion -as useful as it is- isn't needed at the moment, and I have to talk to Niles in the Krokosphinx which I'm not in yet (is it me, or are so many school-quests, specifically 18, require talking to him? Bleh). I know, I could port her there on a Legend, but still xD. Tristan is 16, so both are rocking their Sandstorms! That and Balanceblades are very useful :). Sophia got the Cave of Solitude and the main quests in Kishibe Village done, so I have to beat some Plague Tornadoes (anyone else call them that? Hehe) for side quests & Shirataki Temple, plus she dinged 40 for a cool new Sword. I dual-boxed Sophia and Tarlac vs. Oyotomi & Calypso a while, too, for gear for Sophia and gold/furniture for Tarlac, I want to get those Pink Dandelions on him, and want the Life House so I'm going to buy that plus have room to garden. Thats basically the alt news, I probably will be able to do Shirataki and/or the side quests, as we leave at 4 PM EST tomorrow.

This image may creep you out, sorry xD. Guess who? Dworgyn, inside out! This would be a great Halloween mask... oh sorry, Dworgyn. YES, I'm advocating your tenure.

IRL, its Easter tomorrow! Its pretty fun for me :). Yes, I'm almost in High School, but I don't think I'll get old of Easter Egg hunts for a while. Show those little kids their place... oh... did I say that out loud? Plus a ton of candy, and Grandma is always fun! Of course, no Internet down there, but there's a TON of TV channels. And a dog, and a big yard, plus I get to use a couple store cards I got for Christmas for W101 cards! I'll be back late Tuesday; fully Wednesday.

I know a lot reading this are getting too old for Easter fun -er, besides the adults- but its a day to relax and have candy! Chin up :D so, have a great day!

Happy Easter!

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