Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gear Versus (And My Attempt On Announcing Without Spoiling)

FIRST off, I went mini-golfing, boring shopping (2 Stores didn't have W101 cards that should. Ugh), watched TV, etc. over the past couple of days, so I had fun and am now back to find out that Wintertusk is in the TR! I couldn't help but read up on the new gear drops and check some out myself, but I want to completely have the quests/areas as a surprise when I do it in the LR.
So now, I am faced with some tough decisions on gear..

Those are my options of hats (go to the link and pause it).
IMHO, 'Tricksy Hood' beats 'Illusive Headdress' (my current one) and 'Poetic Chieftains Helm' beats 'Tricksy Hood'. So, Chieftains Helm it is!

I don't have pictures of the other Waterworks 60 gear, so I'll continue my 'VS. gear' next time. I love the Crafted Boots look, though, but the Myth Crafted Boots stats don't quite beat the 58 gear. Here are some small but GREAT miscellaneous updates:

Statues are no longer "Limit 1"
(perfect for us housing geeks! YAY!)

Many spells that are variations of the original will now look more like they should - ie the Life Banshee will be green and not look like the Death Banshee. Look for these updates in various spells.
(Can't wait to see some of these examples :))

Ice Colossus Spell will have its damage increased from 460-540 to 500-580.
(Sophia is about to get this - GOOD!)

Empower cards can no longer critical.
(Nice relief :P)

Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Drain spells.
(I was thinking of this the other day, and am really glad to see this. Death duo will love that)

Pierce now cost 0 pips.
(Woo, maybe I'll use this more :D)

Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Power Nova.
(Balance duo says goody!)

School Mastery Amulets are now available as drops from boss creatures in Wintertusk
(so do Mega Snacks in the Waterworks! YAYNESS, I do NOT want to spend 10k crowns)

he following emoticons have been reintroduced to Text Chat:
  1. :-D
  2. :D
  3. ;-D
  1. ;D
  2. XD
  3. :-P
  1. :P
  2. ;-P
  3. ;P

  4. (if only they would let us capitalize 'I'! But thank the lord, ':d' looked weird :p)

For Crab Alley, I'm going to wait and be surprised at Sunblade's request for Initiates. I am quite curious, but must wait..
For the special 'Waterworks', a new kind of Briskbreeze, I'm itching to try it. Many tricks up those bosses sleeves, so I'll read up on that carefully before I try in the LR. 2 Mastery Amulets, 60 Gear, Mega Snacks and even more are said to drop there! WOW!

As for Wintertusk and the new spells, I won't spoil them if you don't know. (GASP, ____ Minion) For wand-stitching, I plan to buy that LvL 45 1-regular-pip Myth Wand, which looks exactly like the Arcane Staff, I think (but waste 2500 crowns??). If you look closely, it has several monster heads (Trolls & Cyclops) and hopefully Myth logos spew out of it like the Arcane. If not, I'll go for that Raven Myth Hammer :).

Now, I prep up to craft some WT Gear, the Waterworks, and that Violin item that Torald Wayfinder now sells. (Have you visited him in Northguard? He also sells a Decorative Gong, I used to be a Violin player and it is similar to the Antique Cello - AWESOME!) I hope that wasn't too spoil-y for you guys. I'll try to be back tomorrow or Friday to post (if Friday, give my best wishes to the Royal Couple - I actually want to see that, yes xP)

Happy Exploring!

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