Saturday, April 9, 2011

Newbie News

So, I've been doing a bit of power-leveling and a teeny bit of running-around questing on my newbie account! Taken a lot of pics, of course.

Interesting. It seems Pots have replaced Short Square Vases in Dorms. Guess they want to give us a further head-start on gardening at LvL 12+

Sophia, as my only Ice wiz (besides the retired Pearlward) has gone first, hitting 18 doing the most questing, and is already close to KT. The others (except 2) are near 15 after joining MS Dungeon runs and are all set to advance to the 3 Streets.

I tend to be part of the Grammar Police, so I couldn't help but find this interesting. LOL, find the error yourself :).

One of the many animations I've encountered. Cool!

EXACTLY what real PvP trolls feel like. Egotistical, rude, will "prove" their point without any evidence, etc.

Tavia sporting her Contest Seahorse

1. I've found a couple errors in these "buy area" things, as you should be able to point out a #CassSpeak (should you ask, that is the special misspell alert named in honor of Cass Dragonheart :P) in there. BUT, it gets more interesting!

So, I exited that little brochure to buy Tatakai, and it let me walk down a road that feeds into there. Thing is, it let me keep walking.

So, I ended up in a big clearing quite like Oyotomi's Place, but a little wider and with Green Bamboo. And if you walk out, you end up in, well, Tatakai Outpost. Unless you mark your spot, you're basically trapped. Weird! I believe I came up on a video that showed this exact clearing, but I don't remember what its called (and, not surprisingly, the maker said it was "a secret". Not anymore, it isn't.)

Wise words from Wethersfield.

Another cool animation! Balance seems to fight and see all these random creatures from all schools in spell quests.

I noticed I was very close, so I sold a few teeny reagents to put it at the exact MAX number for no reason, xD. But there you go ;). I bought a Red Dragon so I wasn't uber-rich on Mycin anymore, and it will go well in a certain place when 'roaming mounts' come out.

Glitchy Seraph I passed by going to pick up some books. Seems to be raining glitchy white droplets O_o.

Except for Alura Dawneyes & Myrna Thunderslinger, I'm done taking them all through the MS Dungeons for gear & EXP to progress through WC/KT more easily. I won't be too sad if they ever take out 'power-leveling' in MS (they did in CL), but its helpful nontheless. Also, in the same Death Oni battle, Mycin got his 2nd wanted Gong of the Oni and Amy got a Dire Ghoul! Woot! Plus a neat Prof. Wu picture from Yakedo and various sweet gear for my newbies at 35/40 highlights the good drops. (Wavebringer continues to be stingy on the sweet Stormbat, but he dropped my second Bubbling Cauldron) And so today, I should get Alura and Myrna to LvL 15, then I suppose I'll do a lot of low-level mostly talking quests (not to mention Golem Tower) on the newbies so I can get my Balance & Death duos at the same point in quests. I might lessen my time on them after that, excepting taking them on bosses/dungeon runs I'm doing (like I seem to be getting a bit of Labyrinth askers lately, and I need some stuff in there!), but, we'll see. Plus, I've upgraded my wanted dream pet to: Pip O' Plenty, Feinting Spell, Spritely & Spell-Proof, and I just need to find someone with a pet with Feinting (Fierce Hounds can give it, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone) and mix a lot to hopefully in the end make an Egg with those, and eventually mix with my newbies when they get the gold, etc. I believe thats it for now..

Happy Farming!

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