Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm A Mushroom Thief!

So first, just a couple more Sophia pictures..

Cute Seahorse pose - MS version!

What?! Oh wait.. that sounds like a cool badge.


Collosus pic fail xD. Well, at least I reached my goal (incidentally, the mushroom guy w/the cool name is in Crimson Fields) so I'll probably be on Sophia when I'm not leveling the Balance duo in WC or farming the Crimson Fields, going quite a bit slower.

Gratz to Jordan for beating Malistaire :D was fun!

MS Minion plays Ice Absorb? O_o

So I beat Golem Tower with the sweet Green Oni, and have now progressed about 1/2 way through the 3 Streets. I should beat WC tomorrow :). Oh, and I got a Pagoda Brazier from Kagemoosha, and need 1 Temple Guardian Statue from Grum, plus a Wildclaw pet and another Wu pic from Yakedo. More gear for the second account wouldn't hurt, either! Plus I just got my 'Samurai' badge for Ambrose2Zeke So, thats it! xD

Happy Questing!

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